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It's too bad the coverage of the recent Washington state police executions, "Gate Crasher" MSM media frenzy and the so called lone Muslim assassin of Ft. Hood has not been more "gestalt".  There is an overarching feeling of disbelief and fear as a result of these many stories that the MSM would have you believe are isolated and not related. It's too bad the alternative (or so-called truth) media cannot use their common sense and start connecting the dots like the tabloid media has done with the sensationalized Tiger Woods story.  The tabloid media has refused to by into the story given to the public concerning Wood's car accident, his facial injuries that are inconsistent with such an alleged minor accident, which happened on the heels of a National Enquirer story concerning Wood's and an alleged mistress and the discovery of Wood's phone contacts amidst an pending US magazine story concerning Woods and a supposed multiple months dalliance with a young Las Vegas waitress and aspiring reality TV hopeful.  In fact, The Enquirer, Us Magazine and have all very boldly dismissed the Police and Tiger versions of events, have produced sources, and have publicly challenged the parties implicated to sue them as they boldly stand by their investigative efforts and sources.

It is truly sad that in a supposedly free country with a supposedly free media that the tabloid journalists are the last true investigative media. The MSM has long been controlled by the few corporations that own or control them, and he who pays the piper choses the tune.  Lately, the alternative (truth) media has been so disjointed and paranoid of each other (and the powers that be), as is obvious by the back-biting, accusations, threats and lawsuits that have all occurred within the movement, that there are numerous and different takes on what is occurring in post 9-11 America, often at the expense of others in the alternative media or public at large.

   For instance, why has hardly anyone in the so-called alternative media questioned the official story given by the MSM and Seattle area police on  how four of their own veteran officers were gunned down by a single lone gunman with a history of mental issues and crimes that should have never been out on bond after being accused of raping a child and punching an officer in the face (and other bizarre or criminal behaviors)? Anyone who has  ever fired a handgun or worked in security should know full well that it is practically impossible for Maurice Clemmons to have executed four officers who he supposedly fired on (and then fled the store amid gunfire as the officers chased him out of the small cafe in Lakewood, Washington. One of the officers is even reported to have (allegedly) landed a shot in Clemmon's abdomen, before Clemmons stood there and incredibly gunned these four veteran officers down like a contract hit-sniper style.  The story makes no sense and is logistically implausible, even more than the logistics involved in either the Woods accident or the Nidel Hasan Ft. Hood official story. For those who did not read my detailed blog post yesterday on the Washington area slayings, entitled "The Many Faces of a Media Friendly Lone Cop Assassin", click this hyperlink to view it in it's entirity.

And yet, we get silence from the so-called heavyweights in the alternative media.  It should be noted, however, that after Clemmons was killed when running away from Police (allegedly), radio host Jack Blood did suggest the entire scenario did not add up and Clemmons might well have been a patsy (and that we would now never know the full story).  Others are evidently not saying anything until the MSM officially attempts to connect and cots and ties up loose ends, when they can then come in and try and pick apart the story. Given the obvious psychological effects of these killings, the first hit-style execution by a so-called untrained criminal with (allegedly) no backup, to wait is to allow the official story to get legs and infect those who do not understand what may be going on. It was a tragic slaughter, and Clemmons was evidently involved, so the outrage against Clemmons is certainly understandable. But does anyone really believe Clemmons mowed down these veteran cops in a shootout in a manner that would have made Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday proud? Not one officer could respond to Clemmon's fire despite the fact that a witness stated he was chased out of the cafe by the police who were firing at him?  Yet, Clemmons could hit each moving officer with strategic precision, killing them all, with no training? Everyone I have talked to admits the story does not make sense, yet the experts are laoth to question the official story of a police agency or the MSM in public.

I was one of the first to question the Fort Hood shootings and the numerous inconsistencies and improbable scenarios the Police, military and MSM put out in the public arena.  I was not alone, as many in the alternative media began questioning what was being reported as the official story. Click here for my blog-article on how the Fort Hood Shooter Information Not Adding Up, originally posted at this Blog and then published nationally by,, and numerous other websites.  While I morn those whose lives were lost and agree that Nadal should be punished fully under the law if he was responsible, I still (as many others do) believe the official story in the Fort Hood story, like the story of who exactly shot the gunman and took him or her down, is fabricated for mass effect and appeal.

Clearly, the "Gate Crasher" story is being put out there in the MSM for maximum effect. Anyone who has ever been to the White House or dealt with the Secret Service and others around the President agree that unless you are allowed to get to the President, there are simply too many obstacles and reqirements to have ever "accidentally" breached security.  And, of course, there are numerous examples (and photos) that show that the Salahis were known within the Washington Beltway and had shook hands and visited with Obama, McClain, the DOD building, and many other Beltway area big-shots and governmental officials.  The story here is not that this couple breached security and making the security to the President appear suspect, but rather, why is it being portrayed this way concerning the two alleged party crashers and apparent member of the DC area who's who?

And now we have the Golf Digest cover in all of it's creepiness and convenience.  The timing is surreal. Yet, we surely should know, yet another amazing coincidence.  Okay, whatever.  Live Free or Die radio host Lee Rogers and a caller recently discussed the Golf World cover and it's bizarre timing and implications. Yet, whether this is all tied together or isolated incidents, the underlying effect is the same.  America's most venerable institutions are exposed and under attack. If they are not safe, who is?  Combined with the economic disaster we are in, and the recently exposed "Climate Gate" email scandal over feigning evidence for global warming, it appears we are on overdrive and the mainstream elite are all too happy to put this all in our face.  Someone in the alternative media with more resources than I have should be all over this synchronicity.

Left: A 2005 Get Out the Vote photograph with the so-called "Gate Crashers" Tariq and Michele Salahi (in white), along with Obama, Fergie and Randy Jackson (among others).  Above: A very strange and timely Golf Digest cover featuring Barack Obama and Tiger Woods (entitled 10 tips Obama can take from Tiger). Bottom left-right-the Salahis pose with Senator John McCain at 2005  event. Alleged cop killer Maurice Clemmons in a 2008 KOMO piece. WHY ISN'T THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ALERT?                                                                           

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Property owner Clemmons, circa 2008 (KOMO & Seattle Weekly)

This terrible tragedy and apparent police hit of four cops has left the Seattle and Tacoma areas shocked and feeling vunerable. The entire country grieves. After all, if one alleged "Messiah" can shoot and kill four armed cops execution style in an apparent hit, and sustain only a superficial stomach wound, while drilling each with deadly accuracy, in full public view, in a local Lakewood, Washington diner, who is safe?  Yet within the last 24 hours, the alleged gunman, Maurice Clemmons, was shot dead while hanging out by a stolen car.

What about the elephant in the room no one is talking about? I was awarded an expert designation with a 9 mm handgun many years ago, yet the only way I know to shoot and kill four armed officers without getting your head blown off in the process, regardless if they were finishing reports or not (since they are trained to react in a split second when shot at) is at a sniper's distance and unknown location. Besides, while the MSM is calling this slaying an ambush style hit, the management of the beseiged coffee shop are praising the officers as heros and stating that they, "forced an armed gunman back out of the cafe and away from our staff and other customers". Yet all four officers were gunned down by a deranged ex felon with a weapon (and no known training). It just does not add up. Now we are told Clemmons allegedly got a weapon off of one of these brave cops despite being forced out from the cafe (where the officers lay dead).  I guess if all you care about is Tiger Woods hitting a fire hydrant or the so-called Presidential gate crashers, why concern yourself?

This feels eerily like the execution style slayings of Army soldiers waiting to deploy by the allegedly deranged and Islamic radical Fort Hood doctor. Similar in that there are huge gaps in this story, no witnesses, and that Maurice Clemmons has since been shot and killed after a massive manhunt by numerous Washington police agencies. Add to that there are now allegations that Clemmons converted to Islam while in custody in Arkansas, and that a local group of radicals has supposedly praised Clemmons and called him a matyr,  we have a scenario ready to scare the brainwashed masses and inflame racial and religious tensions.

First America is told that our bravest young men and women of the armed forces are gunned down by a radical Muslim Army psychiatrist, who gunned down dozens and killed 13, in Fort Hood, in Texas.  Then, we are told that four armed Police veterans were systemically gunned down by one lone gunman, with no record of expertise with a firearm, who then was injured in the crossfire, yet had the frame of mind to grab one of the guns from at least one of the officers, with no way to know if they were dead or if such a move would render him at risk or a patsy for easier identification.

Whether you buy the official story being presented by the mainstream media and police, or you think this looks or smells like you-know-what, the practical end-result is the same for the area and this country: fear, uncertainty, confusion and anger. First the Army, now the Police. Both sworn to protect, both gunned down by an alleged single gunman. Is anyone or anything safe anymore?

And remember, this is not the Seattle area's only cop killing by a minority in the last 45 days.  There was another killing on Halloween, with charges of racial motivation amidst continuing allegations by Seattle residents that the police are racists and target black communities. While my heart goes out to the family of each slain officer and any other person harmed by the alleged acts of Clemmons, they deserve the truth, as does the American public. If the official story has merit, it will withstand critical examination, if not, its only a matter of time before the wheels come off of the story.


According to the, Clemmons was arrested in May by area police for, among other things, child sexual abuse and third degree felony assault and criminal mischief, as well as punching a cop in the face. “I’ll kill all you bitches,” Maurice Clemmons told the Pierce County Jail workers who were trying to book him, according to court records (according to the newstribune). It continued:

Though dangerous, Clemmons was sane enough to know how court worked. There was a prosecutor and a defense attorney, a judge and a jury and eventually a verdict, he said. He knew the child rape charge was a possible third strike that could send him to prison for life.
The psychologists found him competent to stand trial, not a candidate for involuntary commitment. On Nov. 24, he bailed out of jail on a $190,000 bond – the most recent example of his 20-year drift through the criminal justice system."  That drift is said to meander as such:

"The odyssey started in 1989, when Clemmons, then 16, was convicted of eight felonies in Arkansas, including aggravated robbery and burglary. He was ordered to serve consecutive rather than concurrent terms. Total sentence: 108 years in prison. (Note: A patent abuse of discretion. Period.)

“He was a mean SOB,” Larry Jegley, prosecutor in Pulaski County, Ark., said Monday. Clemmons was transferred from a juvenile court to adult court, and faced a jury trial. He was young, but jurors saw something bad in him, the prosecutor said. (Note: 106 years for the jurors seeing "something bad in him", something out of the movie Minority Report, because the punishment far exceeded any crime).

“Juries are pretty smart,” Jegley said. “If they want to attribute something to the relative youth of an individual and all that, they’ll do it. The flip side is that they saw in Maurice Clemmons what the juvenile judge saw who transferred him to adult court: grave potential for violence and criminal behavior.” (Note: This makes no sense, it was his first offense and he was 16. Hardly makes him the devil incarnate at age 16. This set the stage for future rage and a deep sense of being wronged, and served no remedial or penal purpose at all).

Records from Arkansas show that Clemmons, at age 27, applied for clemency in 1999, after he’d served 10 years of his 108-year sentence. The clemency application is a seven-page form. (Note: In legal terms, a 108 year sentence of a 16 year old for robbery and assault is outrageous and a patent abuse of discretion. It was a clemency waiting to happen. It does not justify threatening to kill or killing anyone by Clemmons, but if the system thought Clemmons' dangerous, it threw fuel on the fire, rather than mete out actual justice).

One question reads, “What is your reason for requesting executive clemency at this time?”

Clemmons answered with a single word: “Mercy.”

He wrote his own argument. He said he had robbed a house when no one was home, and stolen a cell phone (the victim was an Arkansas state trooper, according to other records). He said he and two accomplices had taken a woman’s purse. He said he was 16 at the time of crimes. He said he’d just moved from Seattle to Arkansas as a teen, had no friends and fell in with the wrong crowd.

There is absolutely no excuse/justification whatsoever for my past criminal behavior which ultimately led me to commit the crimes which led me to prison, and of which I now eleven years after the fact, seek executive clemency,” he wrote. “Where once stood a young sixteen year old misguided fool, whose own life he was unable to rule, now stands a 27-year-old man, who has learned through the school of hard knocks to appreciate and respect the rights of others.” Huckabee’s four-member clemency board gave a unanimous recommendation for clemency – a commutation and a reduced sentence. Sixth Circuit Judge Marion G. Humphrey supported it, adding a personal note. “I favor a time cut for Maurice Clemmons,” Humphrey wrote. “Mr. Clemmons was 16 years old when his cases began in this court. I do not know why the previous judge ran his sentences consecutively, but concurrent sentences would have been sufficient."(Note: Concurrent sentences are the standard practice. Consecutive sentencing, or stringing sentences, implies penalties rendered for different undelying offenses. That was not the case here. Clemmon's sentence was an abuse of discretion and highly irregular, especially for a 16 year old, and probably started Clemmons down the road of distrust and rage at the system).

Jegley, the Arkansas prosecutor, doesn’t recall whether anyone asked his opinion. He and other prosecutors in Arkansas chafed at Huckabee’s penchant for commuting sentences – a tendency that sparked a long-running feud with the governor’s office (Note: The only thing relevent for this case is Huckabee's reasoning for parol and reverting the sentence in the Clemmons case, not any so called "penchant for commuting sentences en mass". That is a total non sequitor).

“My bet is we didn’t ever get notice,” he said. “’Cause we’d have objected.” (Note: Jegley is accusing the Governer's office of willful evasion of notification, a serious accusation).

Huckabee commuted the sentence on May 2, 2000. The decision reduced Clemmons’ sentence to 47 years and rendered him eligible for parole immediately. (Note: 47 years for robbery and assault as a 16 year old, in a domicile where no one was even home. Hardly a slap on the wrist. Huckabee is being villified for merely righting a wrong here by a buch of reactionary morons who have no clue how unusual a 100 plus year sentence for a non violent property offense by a 16 year old is, regardless if he is a "mean SOB" or not).

That started a new process: an appearance before the parole board. Judge Humphrey weighed in again, writing, “I strongly support parole in this case.” (Note: Any reasonable Judge would support parole in such a case on the facts as presented. 104 years in prison for a sixteen year old, regardless of venue, is extreme and an abuse of discretion, regardless of how potentially dangerous Clemmons was presumed to be in the future under this Minority Report styled application of justice).

Jegley got notice this time. His office objected, according to Arkansas records. The objection was overruled. Clemmons was free. “He walked out in August and was back in trouble in less than a year,” Jegley said. The trouble was a reported robbery in 2001. Clemmons was arrested again on parole violations, but not immediately charged. The case wasn’t great, Jegley recalled.

“There were service problems on that,” he said. “There were some problems proof-wise, once we started really reaching down in and probing.” (Note: There was no excusable neglect. Prosecutors dropped the ball and did not use deligence to serve Clemmons with Notice of Prosecution, although it is unusual to serve notice of a parole violation and pending hearing via process server for robbery).

As a result, Clemmons wasn’t served with charges until 2004, three years after the crime was committed. Defense attorneys argued that prosecutors had taken too long to file their case. The charges were dismissed.
(Note: The State of Arkansas and the prosecutor, not defense attorneys, dropped the ball here and violated state procredural law and the blame lies with them. The law forbids prosecution after such a delay, yet the state delayed anyhow).

Clemmons applied for parole again in 2003. Again, Jegley’s office objected. Again, the objection was overruled. Clemmons was paroled. He applied for an out-of-state transfer to Washington and got it, arriving in 2004. He started a landscaping business, according to his statements in his mental health evaluation. He moved in with his wife and had a child with her. There were two other children in the family. Access full article here.

Gradually, he bought five houses – one in Arkansas, four in Washington. He had no arrests, no troubles with the law, until May of this year, and the incident that led to charges of third-degree assault and malicious mischief, along with the child rape" (why, if current reports are correct, he was allowed to post bond while his current and past mental health were being evaluated, is a mystery, and the REAL REASON Clemmon's was allowed back into the community two weeks ago).  According to reports, Clemmons allegedly burst into the diner in question on November 29, 2009, and ambushed 4 police officers in a hit-style assassination. All were killed. There are no indications of exactly what type of gun was used to slay the 4 officers, or where Clemmons recieved his Special Services level training on using a single firearm to take down numerous professionals in Rambo-like style. No civilians were injured, hit, or targeted. Despite being shot in cross-fire, Clemmons had the frame of mind to retrieve a gun of one of his victims from accross the diner despite the risks that could entail. We know this because Clemmons was allegedly found with that officer's gun when he was shot in the back while fleeing the single officer who came accross Clemmons. Stranger still is this comment alleged to be from police by Seattle

 ""The person would not show his hands, and began to run away...the officer fired several rounds, took the person into custody...all indications are the person is deceased." Police have now confirmed the person is Clemmons, 37. " All indications? Standard procedure is for the officer to call for backup and an ambulance once he shoots a suspect and renders him non-ambulatory.  The paramedics would declare the suspect as being deceased.  There would be no other indicators necessary. The police lab techs would show up and make it official. I guess after Major Nadal was declared dead and then, hours later, was declared critically injured but alive, at the Fort Hood shootings, the police wanted to take no chances. The full article can be accessed here.

Finally, "Jail Sucks Bail Bonds", the company that posted bond on Clemmons, claims they had no knowledge that Clemmons was acting psychotic, claiming to be Jesus or urging others to "watch TV" to see him mete out his own form of justice. Instead, the company claims it would never had approved bail for Clemmons had they known these things. Make of that what you will.


Here, like in the Fort Hood cases, the alleged lone gunman was indentified as being "dangerous" and possibly nuts. Clemmons, like Nadal, issued vieled and not so vieled threats. Indeed, Clemmons was deemed "dangerous" by psychologists (Nadal was considered a threat and possibly dangerous and psychotic by his fellow doctors, according to the MSM). Yet despite these warnings that are now surfacing, Clemmons and Nadal both had apparent carte blanche by authorities to do whatever they pleased, and now people are asking, "how could we have missed the warning signs?"

The Seattle-Tacoma area, like Fort Hood, had been the scene of previous slayings of police or military personnel. Clemmons was the second accused cop killer nabbed by Seattle Police within a month. Officers shot and wounded Christopher Monfort, 41, Nov. 6, a week after the Halloween night slaying of SPD officer Tim Brenton in the Leschi area (where Clemmons was thought to be hiding yesterday). The gunfire and arrest, which left Monfort paralyzed from the chest down, occurred in Tukwila while mourners were just leaving a memorial service for Brenton in Seattle.  Fort Hood has been a constant source of military shootings and unexplained events where a "random" soldier comes unglued.

Clemmons booking photo (AP)

 Here, as in the Fort Hood shootings, the story of how the lone gunman was taken down does not fully add up. We do not know the name of the officer who ended the two day manhunt, nor do we know why Clemmons casually strolled up on a marked police patrol car or why he had a stolen car nearby with the trunk up. Common sense dictates such a car would be in a chop-shop and Clemmons would be wary of any marked vehicles. And in this matter we have no clue as to how Clemmons possessed the expertise to apply a hit style execution en mass to four armed police officers ready to go on duty (laptops or not, they are required to be armed). There are no ballistic reports, no named witnesses, and the list goes on and on.

The Seattle area slayings may be 100 percent Maurice Clemmons acting alone, exactly as the MSM is saying.  And yet, it does not add up. At least not the limited facts we have been supplied with. As-is, this is playing out like a psy-op. Which would be a shame if this was just a random insanity from one black man targeting four cops. The slain officers and their families deserve the full story.  This story is far from being complete. In the meantime, the overarching issues remain:

Who was Maurice Clemmons? Did he convert to Islam in prison or is this story simply to inflame mainstream America? Where did he get his firearms training? Why did he get 108 years for a first time non violent offense as a 16 year old juvenile (regardless of court he was tried in)? Why, if he was such a danger, was he out on bail after threatening authorities, threatening violence, and allegedly raping a child?  How did he go from businessman and alleged property owner to pychotic cop killer in a matter of months? Was this racial and why is the MSM avoiding all of these obvious questions? Lastly, since Clemmons exibited bizarre behavior and was being detained and evaluated at Western State concerning his hallucinations of cannibal baby eaters and his allegation that he was related to Obama and Oprah (and Lebron James), and other crazy actions and statements, why is no one raising the issue of Clemmons and anti-psychotic drugs or other mood altering prescription medications and any possible role they might have played in the slayings.

Message to the MSM. For once, can someone investigate and report all the facts, no matter how damning, to the public in the matter of public safety and law enforcement? We know some members are being charged with aiding and abetting, but how about some names and exactly what role they played (there was an alleged getaway car first reported that has now dropped off the earth).

Lastly, what about the little known mind control experiments done on numerous duped prisoners by intelligence agencies and federally funded medical experiments. This was prevelant in the seventies and eighties, but is it still, and what is the link, if any? Stay tuned...