Thursday, March 25, 2010


Government and Media Target So-Called Truther Movement as Acts of "Terror" Conveniently Increase.

As the MSM reports about the health care plan and its passage, we are now being told about various threats and even acts against Congress. One Represenative even discovered a casket on his front lawn. Congress has asked the FBI to investigate, and, by the way, almost one-quarter of conservatives allegedly believe Obama is the Anti-Christ.

The right, and especially the so-called truth movement, is being targeted (and possibly set-up). It's not like there has been nothing on the terror threat horizon close to home:

First, we had the underwear bomber over the Christmas holiday.  Nevermind the plane would have survived such a pathetic attempt to blow it up, immediatly following this incident the media took up the hue and cry for naked scanners at airports.  Problem, reaction, solution. The Hegelian Dialetic.

Then, we were told that Joseph Stack, a so-called anti-government "truther" flew his Piper Cherokee small aircraft into the building containing the Internal Revenue Service in Austin, Texas. There was fire, damage and two deaths, while several other employees had to be evacuated.

Then, we were told Stack left a suicide note, and was involved in a decade long fight with the IRS over his small business.   The contents of what was supposed to be Stack's "diatribe" was even posted online, but someone removed any trace of his website hours afterward.

Then, CNN reported  that Stack, who flew an airplane into a building housing an Internal Revenue Service office, may have replaced some of its seats with a drum of fuel to cause maximum damage, a law enforcement official familiar with the investigation said last month. Never mind this is sheer conjecture, it conjures up images of the 9-11 terrorists flying jumbo jets laden with fuel into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon.  After the attack, Stack's daughter said she "agreed" with her father about the government, and referred to him as a hero, but later was forced to retract that statement, and called the victim of the incident a hero.

AP Photo. Austin Plane Crash into IRA Building

Of course, when anyone dug just a bit beneath the surface it turns out that Stack had ties with the U.S. government as an independent contractor and designed a remote control system for small airplanes before his untimely demise. Raising the obvious question, who or what was really in that plane, and what flew it into the building?

Last November, the media reported about the so-called jihandist Major Hasan, who went ballistic and shot up a Texas Army base, killing numerous unarmed soldiers. I wrote an article  stating that the events were not adding up and it went viral in a matter of hours. A few months before that an allegedly racist elderly white "truther", who had issues with the government, carried a rifle through the entrance of the Holacaust Museum in Washington, D.C., killing one of the guards before being brought down by gunfire himself.

The "truther" and "birther" movement is being set up for something big. And, the tea party movement has already been hijacked by Republicans, Beck  and Sarah Palin. Stay tuned.