Friday, January 29, 2010


AP undated photo.

Osama bin Laden has apparently returned from the grave just in time to give another audio taped warning, one that a "U.S. monitoring group" says is an indicator of an upcoming attack. Not only that, a new audio tape has just surfaced and was aired on Al Jazerra in which bin Laden takes the U.S. to task for global warming and climate change, urging a worldwide boycott of all things American to "save the planet". Why not? It worked for the military industrial complex to trot bin Laden out to justify increased funding, even after the notorious son of the bin Laden construction empire from Saudi Arabia has been reported as dead.

Here is a copy of the AP article, "Bin Laden Blasts U.S. for Climate Change".

Of course, the alleged audio taped message comes at a convenient time for the administration. Neocons and the Israel first lobby are pushing for the invasion of Yemen after a botched underwear bombing plot happened over the Christmas holiday of 2009. President Obama's numbers are still in the tiolet, and the health care debate and consensus on any bill in that direction has hit another snag with the election of Scott Brown, the first Republican to win a Senate seat in liberal Mass in many a decade.  There has also been resistance to the Obama plan to increase troops in Afghanistan, and the economy is in the worse shape it has been since the great depression according to almost all reputable economists. Indeed, even Obama Girl has expressed her displeasure with Obama and the state of current affairs. 

Meanwhile Fed Chairman Bernacke is likely to be reappointed, but many in Congress have used he appointment hearings as a chance to grandstand (and act like they are doing something). And against that backdrop Tim Geithner, Treasury Secretary, faces questions over unethical and possibly illegal conduct he sat over while Chairman of the New York Federal Reserve (implications that also involve AIG, Goldman Sachs and former Treasury Secretary Paulson).

If corruption and fraud are business, than business is very good, especially in Washington, D.C. and Wall Street. And the American public is becoming restless and angry with the lies and the bailouts. What to do?

Enter Osama bin Laden on audio tape...with a warning of possible terror attacks. This is becoming worn out, and those in the know have long believed that Osama bin Laden has been dead for some time now. And this is the very reason that the U.S. intelligence spooks that like to brag that they can read your licence plate from satellite images did not track down an ailing 6-5 Arab with a cane and convoy in his many travels accross Pakistan and Afghanistan in the early 2000s after 9-11. Before he likely died, that is. The so-called head of Al Queda was reported as being on kidney dialysis in the early 2000s, and he has long been known as a U.S CIA. trained asset in the Mujahideen (as set forth by Professor Micheal Chossudovsky of the U. of Ottawa).

I have long considered the official line that Osama bin Laden masterminded the attacks of 9-11 from a cave in Afghanistan is patently absurd. And anyone who has studied the events of 9-11 and critically examined the official story knows how implausible this cave-dweller as reservation agent and boarding agent nonsense is. Whoever organized 9-11 and the highjackings of those commercial airliners had inside access up the wazoo, and whoever it was, they were not hiding in a cave in Afghanistan. They needed insider access, a computer reservation system (CRS) and trained airline pilots or remote controlled access.

That is why the likely parties behind 9-11 and the "war of terror" are rogue agents and insiders, who would benefit financially and philosphically by an attack and the resulting boosting of military and intelligence budgets. And if you think intelligence agencies would not entertain the thought of sacrificing innocent lives to promote an agenda, you need to do some research on Operation Northwoods. And, the mainstream media in Europe (and Newsday in the U.S.) have long since reported that since 9-11, seven of the alleged 9-11 hijackers named by the FBI have been reported to have been alive, and demanding why their names and likeness was implicated in the terror attacks on NY and Washington, D.C.  As Mike Rivero has shown at, fake terror is a historical tool that governments use to increase fear and control.

For instance, what ever became of that highly publicized short selling of American and United Airlines stock just before 9-11? There is a reason it fell down the memory hole.  Here's a clue. The SEC traced the trades back to their origin, and it does not lead to an Afghan cave, dear readers. No, instead it lead to AB Brown and Legg Mason in Baltimore, and CIA director A.B. "Buzzy" Krongard. Whoever bet that United and American stock values would drop on the days leading up to 9-11 in 2001 would likely have known in advance to bet the farm that these two airlines would lose value dramatically following 9-11. As they say, follow the money. And in this instance, whoever short sold American and United pocketed millions, and if you think only far right or left radicals and Alex Jones reported on this short selling phenomena, in 2006 the reputable Online Journal featured these hard facts in an article entitled, "Business as Usual-9-11 and the Fall of America", which can be linked to here.

In fact, "on Sept. 6, 2001, the Thursday before the tragedy, 2,075 put options were made on United Airlines and on Sept. 10, the day before the attacks, 2,282 put options were recorded for American Airlines. Given the prices at the time, this could have yielded speculators between $2 million and $4 million in profit."

So, when the criminals in D.C. need a real-life Emmanuel Goldstein, out comes Osama bin Laden, ad naseum.  Nevermind the troubling issues above, the economy, the health care debate, the fleecing of America and the criminal bailouts, yes, ignore it all. Bin Laden is warning of yet another attack.

Is this the Osama from the videos after the 9-11 attacks, or the fat Osama reportedly confessing to the 9-11 attacks fortuitously discovered by U.S. troops on a VHS videotape in an abandoned house near Jalalabad? A close examination of this tape showed it could not have been Osama Bin Laden, but the imposter certainly was well fed, as he looked to weigh at least 50 or so pounds heavier than the last verified Bin Laden interview or videotape. And let us not forget, just days ago U.S. intelligence was forced to withdraw a so-called real life aging simulation of what Bin Laden might look like when it was revealed that the image of the current, aged Bin Laden was actually that of a Spanish lawmaker.

In fact, if you go here to the FBI's Most Wanted page for Mr. bin Laden, you will notice that nowhere is he wanted for the 9-11 attacks on America. When asked by Ed Haas from Mudraker magazine why this was, the FBI reponded there was no hard evidence linking Osama to 9-11. And, of course, this would not be the first bin Laden audio tape declared fake if it turns out to be manufactured by U.S. intelligence. See, "Bin Laden audio tape is a fake, Swiss lab says".  Project Censored has even listed the "no evidence linking Bin Laden to 9-11" factoid as one of it's top censored stories by the MSM.

The truth is, as Roosevelt once told Colonel Edward Mendell House, that a private cartel of bankers has controlled the economy and Washington, D.C. itself, since the early part of the 20th Century. For those who cannot or will not grasp this, I strongly advise following this link to Director Aaron Russo's Freedom to Facism. Russo directed such Hollywood hits as Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and The Rose with Bette Midler. Before he passed recently of cancer, Russo made this documentary to awaken the American public about who the IRS really serves, whether there is actually a law requiring American citizens to pay income tax, and why this country has descended into mass corruption, fraud and unlawful activity (and a concious decision to repeatedly flout or ignore the U.S. Constitution). Wars and lone nut enemies are two of their favorite weapons for fear and control.

Excuse me if this is all getting all too predicatable and nonsensical to take at face value. And it's not as if an attack is not coming. It likely is. But the enemy has long been inside our own gates.