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If it did not have such potential dire consequences, it would be so absurd that it would be laughable. However, if MSM reports are to be believed, had alleged underwear bomber Umar Fauruk Abdul Matallab was nearly succesful in igniting explosives in his pants on NW flight 253 from Denmark to Detroit, which would have been no laughing matter. The attempt was unsuccesful and he was tackled and subdued by passengers. Now we are being told this wealthy native of the Sudan trained in Yemen, at that he has advised under initial questioning that many more trained with him and more attacks are on the way.

Update: Now the MSM and Breitbart.com are reporting that Intelligence had advance notice of the bombing plot, but the disjointed warnings could not be "pieced together" by different agencies, according to President Obama. If this is true, this is an absolute failure of the CIA and others to do their job. After all, at it's very essence, intelligence work IS, among other things, the piecing together of information into a coherent picture. If Central Intellegence or the National Security Agency are having trouble piecing together and analyzing data and information, than they are pretty much useless. This is nonsense and the same type of garbage we were told after 9-11 and almost every suspicious terrorist attack.

The MSM and Obama would have you believe that intelligence agencies could not coordinate and break down the dissemination and distrubution of relevent data or increased chatter. Right. It's the very essence of their job, yet we are supposed to believe they do not know how to do this. Notice how efficient and effective these same agencies were are are when spying or collecting data on American citizens and political enemies (remember Cointelpro)?

In fact, my next post will concentrate on breaking this down into an etiology. A blueprint for a manufactured or co-opted terrorist attack. Always the intial shock of the attack, the "who could have known?" hue and cry, and then as the dust begins to settle, a cry for more intrusive security measures, stricter rules or laws, and the discovery that intelligence or an administration had advanced warnings that an attack of such a manner was possible, or planned, but either dismisses or ignores this salient information.

Stay tuned. All are present here...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There has been another "ambush" shooting of Pierce County police officers in Washington. Another lone shooter with a laundry list of priors, convictions, and a stay at an area hospital for mental health issues. And despite these issues, the accused gunman (who is now dead) allegedly had access to an arsenal of rifles and handguns. And like the tragic Lakewood ambush of four officers, the media is already posting the alleged gunman's chilling mugshot everywhere. This is another tragedy that will no doubt be seized upon by gun control advocates, and according to the Seattlepi.com, it is the third apparent police ambush in Western Washington since Oct. 31. Eight deputies or officers were shot in those cases; five fatally. Investigators say the incidents are "unrelated". An updated Seattle Times report can be viewed here.

Lone gunman Crable: convict, mentally disturbed and "ambushed" police. Sound familiar? (S. Times)

There is something ominous and bizarre going on in the state of Washington and Pierce County in particular. Serial or copycat ambush attacks on Police officers is not something that typically happens in large metropolitain areas, much less rural counties in the Pacific northwest. First Lakewood, now this. And in each case a lone gunman and isolated incidents. But are they? There has been an ongoing attempt to get the public to move along and not try to ask too many questions in the Lakewood shootings, even when it was revealed that one of the slain ambushed officers was an ex-Army Ranger and a nationally known SWAT team trainer, and the alleged, dead suspect (Maurice Clemmons) had no formal gun training to speak of.

This Blog reluctantly addressed these issues in a previous post, where it was noted that Pierce County houses a noted US Air Force base that houses, among other things, intelligence and tactical strike force units. There is no evidence that the AFB, or anyone ever associated with it, had anything to do with any of these shootings; but the fact that these shootings are happening so closely to the base in something worth noting.

The Seattle Times and KOMO in Seattle are reporting of yet another ambush style shooting of two sherriffs deputies by a single gunman in the same county where four Lakewood police officers were shot and killed in a Lakewood coffee shop in an ambush style shooting by another lone gunman, Maurice Clemmons (according to Police) three and a half weeks ago. Clemmons was killed two days later. Several weeks before that another officer, in Seattle, was shot ambush style as he set in his police cruiser. The officer was killed and the suspect was shot and paralyzed.

In the instant matter, two officers were responding to an unwanted guest call that involved two brothers and one of the brother's fifteen year old daughter. It appears the biological father was the unwanted guest and that the daughter, who was living with the brother (Uncle) had a restraining order against her father (according to sources). When our two deputies arrived, they were invited in to the house by one of the brothers," Sherriff's spokesman Ed Troyer said. Troyer was also the spokesman during the Lakewood police executions.

But when officers stepped into the home at approximately 8:48 p.m., a man opened fire from the second floor, Troyer said. And unlike the last two ambush shootings in the area, the lone gunman here was white.

"They were basically ambushed," he said. "The suspect was upstairs and out of view of the deputies."
The gunman fired several rounds, hitting the deputy and the sergeant, who managed to fire back.

The gunman, 35-year-old David Crable, was shot dead, Troyer said. His brother and the killed man's daughter were not hurt. They were both taken into custody for questioning, according to KOMO.

Investigators said Crable had access to multiple guns, one of which may have been a rifle. According to KING TV, The Pierce County Sheriff's Office says the suspect, David E. Crable, was convicted in June for displaying a weapon with the intent to intimidate. He had been arrested multiple times for domestic violence. He was last arrested by Pierce County Sheriff's Deputies on November 14 for DUI.

There were multiple protection orders against Crable, according to KING. One of those restraining orders was for his 15-year-old daughter, who was living with Crable's brother – the scene of Monday night's crime scene. Here is a link to the videotaped KOMO news story and interview following the shooting.

What is going on in Pierce County, Washington? One thing is for sure. The Police and the community are reeling from this latest shooting. And, obviously, killing Maurice Clemmons did not make the area safe from ambush style attacks on police officers trying to simply do their job. Police had to return fire on Crable, because, according to reports he shot and critically injured these two officers.

Let's hope this is the last of these ambush shootings of police in Pierce County, Washington. But again, what exactly is going on up there? Are these ambush shootings really isolated and in no way related?  These are such tragic circumtances for the families involved.  Let's hope the truth wins out and these incidents cease before Pierce County descends into the wild, wild west.

Because these are very tense times to be a law enforcement officer or criminal suspect in Pierce County or the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitian areas in general. And if the comments sections of the linked media articles are any indication, there are numerous citizens who would have no problem with disarming the public or allowing SWAT teams to respond to random domestic situations. Problem-reaction-solution, anyone?

Tense times in a Police State. SWAT officers search for Lakewood gunman in early December (Getty).

Monday, December 14, 2009


                 (Getty Images)
SWAT paramilitary search for lone gunman and alleged psycho citizen Clemmons

This past Saturday saw the reopening of Forza Coffee, the cafe where four Lakewood, Washington police officers were gunned down execution-style. The tragedy obviously took its toll on the coffee shop and the community as a whole. Yet, this marks as good of a time as any to summarize exactly what took place mere weeks ago:

First, we have the tragic and deliberate hit of four uniformed officers in a Lakewood, Washington coffee shop (owned by a former veteran police officer), which happened, by chance, in close distance to a military base (McChord AFB). The alleged lone gunman, Maurice Clemmons, is later killed by Police. The only relative to Clemmons to report Clemmon's whereabouts to Police (before he was killed) has her house raided and randsacked by Police SWAT teams, leaving destruction and tear gas residue in their wake. Somehow, Clemmons evades capture only to be shot hours later. He is killed. Dead men tell no tales.  This happened several weeks after the slaughter of numerous military waiting to deploy to Iraq by an alleged lone gunman and psychologically unstable Army therapist.  The practical effect is insecurity and fear, because if the MSM is to be believed, the military and police are two institutions that protect the sheeple from homegrown and worldwide terrorism and radical criminality.

Was Clemmons a patsy, part of a larger plot, or a very, very lucky shot with a handgun while attempting to ambush four uniformed police officers, wearing bullet-proof vests, at least one of which had SWAT training?

Sgt. Mark Renniger. Ex Army Ranger. 2/75th from the 1990s. This guy had special training in firearms, hand to hand combat and, according to someone who allegedly served with him, lived the Ranger credo.

Aside from an unofficial memorial piece by the Seattle Times, Renniger's status as an ex-Army Ranger and noted SWAT team trainer (and CFO of a SWAT officer's union in Washington), Renniger's special Rambo-like training and skills have been unreported or ignored by the MSM. Why?  Renniger was not just some averege run of the mill cop counting down the days until retirement, he was a highly trained, skilled practicioner in arms and combat and tactical warfare. He was also a father, husband and a very unlikely victim of such a random "ambush" (especially at the hands of the co-called lone gunman Maurice Clemmons, who had no military or formal training in firearms whatsoever according to records).

(Left) Ex-Army Ranger and nationally known SWAT trainer Sgt. Mark Renniger. He and three fellow officers were gunned down by a lone, unstable gunman with a criminal past and a single handgun in an ambush, if the official reports are true. It is unclear how Renniger, who was trained in defending against such tactics, or three other fully vested and trained officers, were so swiftly taken out by Clemmons, who has no formal gun training to speak of. "In the 1990s, Sgt. Renninger was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., when he was accepted into the elite Army Rangers. Mike Sienda, who now works in Army Intelligence in Charlottesville, Va., got to know him well...(and commented extensively for the Seattle Times). The shootings took place at or near the Forza Coffee Co. outlet at 11401 Steele St. South, just northeast of McChord Air Force Base (home of the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron, a USAF special operations strike force).

There was political fallout as a result of this tragedy. Former Ark. Governer Mike Huckabee, for one. Then, once it became evident that the reason Clemmons was free on bail was due to Washington authorities, this highly suspicious AP piece appeared at KOMO's website, declaring that Clemmons was able to post bond because he "used to work for a bail bond company"(no company is named, however). This makes it looks as if Clemmons gamed the system, and not as if local authorities dropped the ball. The truth appears to be that well before these killings had taken place, Clemmons had argued in court documents that he was criminally insane, and had been evaluated at the nortorious Western State hospital. Prosecutors had fought Clemmon's insanity defense from the start, opening the door for bail once WS doctors took the State's side.

This is not the only time four Lakewood Police officers have been shot. In September of this year, four Lakewood, New Jersey officers were shot, along with the suspect, while serving a no-knock warrant. There were no reported deaths, but that four Lakewood, Washington officers would be shot and killed less than 90 days later is a strange coincedence. There have been several Washington area residents who said the local media originally reported a team of gunmen took down these cops, then it was two gunmen, then a lone gunmen and a getaway driver eventually evolved from the ever changing media crafted story.

One thing is clear. If Clemmons was a pawn in addition to a psycho and alleged cop killer, and if someone involved in Intelligence or psy ops wanted to create further instability in an area that is becoming renowned for racial instability and police shootings, Clemmons' alleged criminal plea of insanity was well known, and a matter of public record. As was his release on bail. I'm not saying Clemmons was a MK Ultra type pawn, but, who knows? He is dead now. Regardless, MK Ultra, useful idiot, or whatever, Clemmons was a character with a controversial background which would raise the required ruckus to drown out the obvious abnomalities in the official story that followed these slayings. And four cops are needlessly dead. Either way, it makes as much sense, if not more, than four trained cops (one SWAT and Ranger) being shot rapid-fire with a pistol at a coffee shop owned by a former cop himself, a stone's throw from an air force base, by a petty criminal who at one time straightened his life out only to fall back into crime and mental instability.

It was a tragedy, we can agree on that, and yet it still does not smell right. And you can bet it will be used to try and reign in handgun ownership in Washington and elsewhere. And fear; there is profit and control through fear and hysteria. But for those who dare not believe that life is anything other than sheer randomness, former NY Governer Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupree is now writing an advice column for Rupert Murdoch's NY Post. This will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire of those who have long maintained she was used by Wall Street and bankers to get to Spitzer, and get the goods. This Post employment would be obvious payback for a job well done, if those conspiracy theorists are to be believed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009




It's too bad the coverage of the recent Washington state police executions, "Gate Crasher" MSM media frenzy and the so called lone Muslim assassin of Ft. Hood has not been more "gestalt".  There is an overarching feeling of disbelief and fear as a result of these many stories that the MSM would have you believe are isolated and not related. It's too bad the alternative (or so-called truth) media cannot use their common sense and start connecting the dots like the tabloid media has done with the sensationalized Tiger Woods story.  The tabloid media has refused to by into the story given to the public concerning Wood's car accident, his facial injuries that are inconsistent with such an alleged minor accident, which happened on the heels of a National Enquirer story concerning Wood's and an alleged mistress and the discovery of Wood's phone contacts amidst an pending US magazine story concerning Woods and a supposed multiple months dalliance with a young Las Vegas waitress and aspiring reality TV hopeful.  In fact, The Enquirer, Us Magazine and TMZ.com have all very boldly dismissed the Police and Tiger versions of events, have produced sources, and have publicly challenged the parties implicated to sue them as they boldly stand by their investigative efforts and sources.

It is truly sad that in a supposedly free country with a supposedly free media that the tabloid journalists are the last true investigative media. The MSM has long been controlled by the few corporations that own or control them, and he who pays the piper choses the tune.  Lately, the alternative (truth) media has been so disjointed and paranoid of each other (and the powers that be), as is obvious by the back-biting, accusations, threats and lawsuits that have all occurred within the movement, that there are numerous and different takes on what is occurring in post 9-11 America, often at the expense of others in the alternative media or public at large.

   For instance, why has hardly anyone in the so-called alternative media questioned the official story given by the MSM and Seattle area police on  how four of their own veteran officers were gunned down by a single lone gunman with a history of mental issues and crimes that should have never been out on bond after being accused of raping a child and punching an officer in the face (and other bizarre or criminal behaviors)? Anyone who has  ever fired a handgun or worked in security should know full well that it is practically impossible for Maurice Clemmons to have executed four officers who he supposedly fired on (and then fled the store amid gunfire as the officers chased him out of the small cafe in Lakewood, Washington. One of the officers is even reported to have (allegedly) landed a shot in Clemmon's abdomen, before Clemmons stood there and incredibly gunned these four veteran officers down like a contract hit-sniper style.  The story makes no sense and is logistically implausible, even more than the logistics involved in either the Woods accident or the Nidel Hasan Ft. Hood official story. For those who did not read my detailed blog post yesterday on the Washington area slayings, entitled "The Many Faces of a Media Friendly Lone Cop Assassin", click this hyperlink to view it in it's entirity.

And yet, we get silence from the so-called heavyweights in the alternative media.  It should be noted, however, that after Clemmons was killed when running away from Police (allegedly), radio host Jack Blood did suggest the entire scenario did not add up and Clemmons might well have been a patsy (and that we would now never know the full story).  Others are evidently not saying anything until the MSM officially attempts to connect and cots and ties up loose ends, when they can then come in and try and pick apart the story. Given the obvious psychological effects of these killings, the first hit-style execution by a so-called untrained criminal with (allegedly) no backup, to wait is to allow the official story to get legs and infect those who do not understand what may be going on. It was a tragic slaughter, and Clemmons was evidently involved, so the outrage against Clemmons is certainly understandable. But does anyone really believe Clemmons mowed down these veteran cops in a shootout in a manner that would have made Wyatt Earp and Doc Holiday proud? Not one officer could respond to Clemmon's fire despite the fact that a witness stated he was chased out of the cafe by the police who were firing at him?  Yet, Clemmons could hit each moving officer with strategic precision, killing them all, with no training? Everyone I have talked to admits the story does not make sense, yet the experts are laoth to question the official story of a police agency or the MSM in public.

I was one of the first to question the Fort Hood shootings and the numerous inconsistencies and improbable scenarios the Police, military and MSM put out in the public arena.  I was not alone, as many in the alternative media began questioning what was being reported as the official story. Click here for my blog-article on how the Fort Hood Shooter Information Not Adding Up, originally posted at this Blog and then published nationally by Inforwars.com, Current.com, and numerous other websites.  While I morn those whose lives were lost and agree that Nadal should be punished fully under the law if he was responsible, I still (as many others do) believe the official story in the Fort Hood story, like the story of who exactly shot the gunman and took him or her down, is fabricated for mass effect and appeal.

Clearly, the "Gate Crasher" story is being put out there in the MSM for maximum effect. Anyone who has ever been to the White House or dealt with the Secret Service and others around the President agree that unless you are allowed to get to the President, there are simply too many obstacles and reqirements to have ever "accidentally" breached security.  And, of course, there are numerous examples (and photos) that show that the Salahis were known within the Washington Beltway and had shook hands and visited with Obama, McClain, the DOD building, and many other Beltway area big-shots and governmental officials.  The story here is not that this couple breached security and making the security to the President appear suspect, but rather, why is it being portrayed this way concerning the two alleged party crashers and apparent member of the DC area who's who?

And now we have the Golf Digest cover in all of it's creepiness and convenience.  The timing is surreal. Yet, we surely should know, yet another amazing coincidence.  Okay, whatever.  Live Free or Die radio host Lee Rogers and a caller recently discussed the Golf World cover and it's bizarre timing and implications. Yet, whether this is all tied together or isolated incidents, the underlying effect is the same.  America's most venerable institutions are exposed and under attack. If they are not safe, who is?  Combined with the economic disaster we are in, and the recently exposed "Climate Gate" email scandal over feigning evidence for global warming, it appears we are on overdrive and the mainstream elite are all too happy to put this all in our face.  Someone in the alternative media with more resources than I have should be all over this synchronicity.

Left: A 2005 Get Out the Vote photograph with the so-called "Gate Crashers" Tariq and Michele Salahi (in white), along with Obama, Fergie and Randy Jackson (among others).  Above: A very strange and timely Golf Digest cover featuring Barack Obama and Tiger Woods (entitled 10 tips Obama can take from Tiger). Bottom left-right-the Salahis pose with Senator John McCain at 2005  event. Alleged cop killer Maurice Clemmons in a 2008 KOMO piece. WHY ISN'T THE ALTERNATIVE MEDIA ALERT?                                                                           

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Property owner Clemmons, circa 2008 (KOMO & Seattle Weekly)

This terrible tragedy and apparent police hit of four cops has left the Seattle and Tacoma areas shocked and feeling vunerable. The entire country grieves. After all, if one alleged "Messiah" can shoot and kill four armed cops execution style in an apparent hit, and sustain only a superficial stomach wound, while drilling each with deadly accuracy, in full public view, in a local Lakewood, Washington diner, who is safe?  Yet within the last 24 hours, the alleged gunman, Maurice Clemmons, was shot dead while hanging out by a stolen car.

What about the elephant in the room no one is talking about? I was awarded an expert designation with a 9 mm handgun many years ago, yet the only way I know to shoot and kill four armed officers without getting your head blown off in the process, regardless if they were finishing reports or not (since they are trained to react in a split second when shot at) is at a sniper's distance and unknown location. Besides, while the MSM is calling this slaying an ambush style hit, the management of the beseiged coffee shop are praising the officers as heros and stating that they, "forced an armed gunman back out of the cafe and away from our staff and other customers". Yet all four officers were gunned down by a deranged ex felon with a weapon (and no known training). It just does not add up. Now we are told Clemmons allegedly got a weapon off of one of these brave cops despite being forced out from the cafe (where the officers lay dead).  I guess if all you care about is Tiger Woods hitting a fire hydrant or the so-called Presidential gate crashers, why concern yourself?

This feels eerily like the execution style slayings of Army soldiers waiting to deploy by the allegedly deranged and Islamic radical Fort Hood doctor. Similar in that there are huge gaps in this story, no witnesses, and that Maurice Clemmons has since been shot and killed after a massive manhunt by numerous Washington police agencies. Add to that there are now allegations that Clemmons converted to Islam while in custody in Arkansas, and that a local group of radicals has supposedly praised Clemmons and called him a matyr,  we have a scenario ready to scare the brainwashed masses and inflame racial and religious tensions.

First America is told that our bravest young men and women of the armed forces are gunned down by a radical Muslim Army psychiatrist, who gunned down dozens and killed 13, in Fort Hood, in Texas.  Then, we are told that four armed Police veterans were systemically gunned down by one lone gunman, with no record of expertise with a firearm, who then was injured in the crossfire, yet had the frame of mind to grab one of the guns from at least one of the officers, with no way to know if they were dead or if such a move would render him at risk or a patsy for easier identification.

Whether you buy the official story being presented by the mainstream media and police, or you think this looks or smells like you-know-what, the practical end-result is the same for the area and this country: fear, uncertainty, confusion and anger. First the Army, now the Police. Both sworn to protect, both gunned down by an alleged single gunman. Is anyone or anything safe anymore?

And remember, this is not the Seattle area's only cop killing by a minority in the last 45 days.  There was another killing on Halloween, with charges of racial motivation amidst continuing allegations by Seattle residents that the police are racists and target black communities. While my heart goes out to the family of each slain officer and any other person harmed by the alleged acts of Clemmons, they deserve the truth, as does the American public. If the official story has merit, it will withstand critical examination, if not, its only a matter of time before the wheels come off of the story.


According to the thenewstribune.com, Clemmons was arrested in May by area police for, among other things, child sexual abuse and third degree felony assault and criminal mischief, as well as punching a cop in the face. “I’ll kill all you bitches,” Maurice Clemmons told the Pierce County Jail workers who were trying to book him, according to court records (according to the newstribune). It continued:

Though dangerous, Clemmons was sane enough to know how court worked. There was a prosecutor and a defense attorney, a judge and a jury and eventually a verdict, he said. He knew the child rape charge was a possible third strike that could send him to prison for life.
The psychologists found him competent to stand trial, not a candidate for involuntary commitment. On Nov. 24, he bailed out of jail on a $190,000 bond – the most recent example of his 20-year drift through the criminal justice system."  That drift is said to meander as such:

"The odyssey started in 1989, when Clemmons, then 16, was convicted of eight felonies in Arkansas, including aggravated robbery and burglary. He was ordered to serve consecutive rather than concurrent terms. Total sentence: 108 years in prison. (Note: A patent abuse of discretion. Period.)

“He was a mean SOB,” Larry Jegley, prosecutor in Pulaski County, Ark., said Monday. Clemmons was transferred from a juvenile court to adult court, and faced a jury trial. He was young, but jurors saw something bad in him, the prosecutor said. (Note: 106 years for the jurors seeing "something bad in him", something out of the movie Minority Report, because the punishment far exceeded any crime).

“Juries are pretty smart,” Jegley said. “If they want to attribute something to the relative youth of an individual and all that, they’ll do it. The flip side is that they saw in Maurice Clemmons what the juvenile judge saw who transferred him to adult court: grave potential for violence and criminal behavior.” (Note: This makes no sense, it was his first offense and he was 16. Hardly makes him the devil incarnate at age 16. This set the stage for future rage and a deep sense of being wronged, and served no remedial or penal purpose at all).

Records from Arkansas show that Clemmons, at age 27, applied for clemency in 1999, after he’d served 10 years of his 108-year sentence. The clemency application is a seven-page form. (Note: In legal terms, a 108 year sentence of a 16 year old for robbery and assault is outrageous and a patent abuse of discretion. It was a clemency waiting to happen. It does not justify threatening to kill or killing anyone by Clemmons, but if the system thought Clemmons' dangerous, it threw fuel on the fire, rather than mete out actual justice).

One question reads, “What is your reason for requesting executive clemency at this time?”

Clemmons answered with a single word: “Mercy.”

He wrote his own argument. He said he had robbed a house when no one was home, and stolen a cell phone (the victim was an Arkansas state trooper, according to other records). He said he and two accomplices had taken a woman’s purse. He said he was 16 at the time of crimes. He said he’d just moved from Seattle to Arkansas as a teen, had no friends and fell in with the wrong crowd.

There is absolutely no excuse/justification whatsoever for my past criminal behavior which ultimately led me to commit the crimes which led me to prison, and of which I now eleven years after the fact, seek executive clemency,” he wrote. “Where once stood a young sixteen year old misguided fool, whose own life he was unable to rule, now stands a 27-year-old man, who has learned through the school of hard knocks to appreciate and respect the rights of others.” Huckabee’s four-member clemency board gave a unanimous recommendation for clemency – a commutation and a reduced sentence. Sixth Circuit Judge Marion G. Humphrey supported it, adding a personal note. “I favor a time cut for Maurice Clemmons,” Humphrey wrote. “Mr. Clemmons was 16 years old when his cases began in this court. I do not know why the previous judge ran his sentences consecutively, but concurrent sentences would have been sufficient."(Note: Concurrent sentences are the standard practice. Consecutive sentencing, or stringing sentences, implies penalties rendered for different undelying offenses. That was not the case here. Clemmon's sentence was an abuse of discretion and highly irregular, especially for a 16 year old, and probably started Clemmons down the road of distrust and rage at the system).

Jegley, the Arkansas prosecutor, doesn’t recall whether anyone asked his opinion. He and other prosecutors in Arkansas chafed at Huckabee’s penchant for commuting sentences – a tendency that sparked a long-running feud with the governor’s office (Note: The only thing relevent for this case is Huckabee's reasoning for parol and reverting the sentence in the Clemmons case, not any so called "penchant for commuting sentences en mass". That is a total non sequitor).

“My bet is we didn’t ever get notice,” he said. “’Cause we’d have objected.” (Note: Jegley is accusing the Governer's office of willful evasion of notification, a serious accusation).

Huckabee commuted the sentence on May 2, 2000. The decision reduced Clemmons’ sentence to 47 years and rendered him eligible for parole immediately. (Note: 47 years for robbery and assault as a 16 year old, in a domicile where no one was even home. Hardly a slap on the wrist. Huckabee is being villified for merely righting a wrong here by a buch of reactionary morons who have no clue how unusual a 100 plus year sentence for a non violent property offense by a 16 year old is, regardless if he is a "mean SOB" or not).

That started a new process: an appearance before the parole board. Judge Humphrey weighed in again, writing, “I strongly support parole in this case.” (Note: Any reasonable Judge would support parole in such a case on the facts as presented. 104 years in prison for a sixteen year old, regardless of venue, is extreme and an abuse of discretion, regardless of how potentially dangerous Clemmons was presumed to be in the future under this Minority Report styled application of justice).

Jegley got notice this time. His office objected, according to Arkansas records. The objection was overruled. Clemmons was free. “He walked out in August and was back in trouble in less than a year,” Jegley said. The trouble was a reported robbery in 2001. Clemmons was arrested again on parole violations, but not immediately charged. The case wasn’t great, Jegley recalled.

“There were service problems on that,” he said. “There were some problems proof-wise, once we started really reaching down in and probing.” (Note: There was no excusable neglect. Prosecutors dropped the ball and did not use deligence to serve Clemmons with Notice of Prosecution, although it is unusual to serve notice of a parole violation and pending hearing via process server for robbery).

As a result, Clemmons wasn’t served with charges until 2004, three years after the crime was committed. Defense attorneys argued that prosecutors had taken too long to file their case. The charges were dismissed.
(Note: The State of Arkansas and the prosecutor, not defense attorneys, dropped the ball here and violated state procredural law and the blame lies with them. The law forbids prosecution after such a delay, yet the state delayed anyhow).

Clemmons applied for parole again in 2003. Again, Jegley’s office objected. Again, the objection was overruled. Clemmons was paroled. He applied for an out-of-state transfer to Washington and got it, arriving in 2004. He started a landscaping business, according to his statements in his mental health evaluation. He moved in with his wife and had a child with her. There were two other children in the family. Access full article here.

Gradually, he bought five houses – one in Arkansas, four in Washington. He had no arrests, no troubles with the law, until May of this year, and the incident that led to charges of third-degree assault and malicious mischief, along with the child rape" (why, if current reports are correct, he was allowed to post bond while his current and past mental health were being evaluated, is a mystery, and the REAL REASON Clemmon's was allowed back into the community two weeks ago).  According to reports, Clemmons allegedly burst into the diner in question on November 29, 2009, and ambushed 4 police officers in a hit-style assassination. All were killed. There are no indications of exactly what type of gun was used to slay the 4 officers, or where Clemmons recieved his Special Services level training on using a single firearm to take down numerous professionals in Rambo-like style. No civilians were injured, hit, or targeted. Despite being shot in cross-fire, Clemmons had the frame of mind to retrieve a gun of one of his victims from accross the diner despite the risks that could entail. We know this because Clemmons was allegedly found with that officer's gun when he was shot in the back while fleeing the single officer who came accross Clemmons. Stranger still is this comment alleged to be from police by Seattle Weekly.com:

 ""The person would not show his hands, and began to run away...the officer fired several rounds, took the person into custody...all indications are the person is deceased." Police have now confirmed the person is Clemmons, 37. " All indications? Standard procedure is for the officer to call for backup and an ambulance once he shoots a suspect and renders him non-ambulatory.  The paramedics would declare the suspect as being deceased.  There would be no other indicators necessary. The police lab techs would show up and make it official. I guess after Major Nadal was declared dead and then, hours later, was declared critically injured but alive, at the Fort Hood shootings, the police wanted to take no chances. The full article can be accessed here.

Finally, "Jail Sucks Bail Bonds", the company that posted bond on Clemmons, claims they had no knowledge that Clemmons was acting psychotic, claiming to be Jesus or urging others to "watch TV" to see him mete out his own form of justice. Instead, the company claims it would never had approved bail for Clemmons had they known these things. Make of that what you will.


Here, like in the Fort Hood cases, the alleged lone gunman was indentified as being "dangerous" and possibly nuts. Clemmons, like Nadal, issued vieled and not so vieled threats. Indeed, Clemmons was deemed "dangerous" by psychologists (Nadal was considered a threat and possibly dangerous and psychotic by his fellow doctors, according to the MSM). Yet despite these warnings that are now surfacing, Clemmons and Nadal both had apparent carte blanche by authorities to do whatever they pleased, and now people are asking, "how could we have missed the warning signs?"

The Seattle-Tacoma area, like Fort Hood, had been the scene of previous slayings of police or military personnel. Clemmons was the second accused cop killer nabbed by Seattle Police within a month. Officers shot and wounded Christopher Monfort, 41, Nov. 6, a week after the Halloween night slaying of SPD officer Tim Brenton in the Leschi area (where Clemmons was thought to be hiding yesterday). The gunfire and arrest, which left Monfort paralyzed from the chest down, occurred in Tukwila while mourners were just leaving a memorial service for Brenton in Seattle.  Fort Hood has been a constant source of military shootings and unexplained events where a "random" soldier comes unglued.

Clemmons booking photo (AP)

 Here, as in the Fort Hood shootings, the story of how the lone gunman was taken down does not fully add up. We do not know the name of the officer who ended the two day manhunt, nor do we know why Clemmons casually strolled up on a marked police patrol car or why he had a stolen car nearby with the trunk up. Common sense dictates such a car would be in a chop-shop and Clemmons would be wary of any marked vehicles. And in this matter we have no clue as to how Clemmons possessed the expertise to apply a hit style execution en mass to four armed police officers ready to go on duty (laptops or not, they are required to be armed). There are no ballistic reports, no named witnesses, and the list goes on and on.

The Seattle area slayings may be 100 percent Maurice Clemmons acting alone, exactly as the MSM is saying.  And yet, it does not add up. At least not the limited facts we have been supplied with. As-is, this is playing out like a psy-op. Which would be a shame if this was just a random insanity from one black man targeting four cops. The slain officers and their families deserve the full story.  This story is far from being complete. In the meantime, the overarching issues remain:

Who was Maurice Clemmons? Did he convert to Islam in prison or is this story simply to inflame mainstream America? Where did he get his firearms training? Why did he get 108 years for a first time non violent offense as a 16 year old juvenile (regardless of court he was tried in)? Why, if he was such a danger, was he out on bail after threatening authorities, threatening violence, and allegedly raping a child?  How did he go from businessman and alleged property owner to pychotic cop killer in a matter of months? Was this racial and why is the MSM avoiding all of these obvious questions? Lastly, since Clemmons exibited bizarre behavior and was being detained and evaluated at Western State concerning his hallucinations of cannibal baby eaters and his allegation that he was related to Obama and Oprah (and Lebron James), and other crazy actions and statements, why is no one raising the issue of Clemmons and anti-psychotic drugs or other mood altering prescription medications and any possible role they might have played in the slayings.

Message to the MSM. For once, can someone investigate and report all the facts, no matter how damning, to the public in the matter of public safety and law enforcement? We know some members are being charged with aiding and abetting, but how about some names and exactly what role they played (there was an alleged getaway car first reported that has now dropped off the earth).

Lastly, what about the little known mind control experiments done on numerous duped prisoners by intelligence agencies and federally funded medical experiments. This was prevelant in the seventies and eighties, but is it still, and what is the link, if any? Stay tuned...

Thursday, November 19, 2009



Injured "hostage" discovered during SWAT team raid. Sarasota Herald-Tribune Photo.

While the mainstream media is busy obsessing over whether Newsweek disrespected Sarah Palin by putting a posed photograph of her in spandex running shorts (by Runner's World) on their cover, the rest of America and the western world continues to slide into economic chaos and an emerging police state.

Here in Florida, troubling questions remain following an apparent false hostage fiasco which Police and Sherriff's officials are blaming on conflicting stories by witnesses and "confusion". The alleged gunmen remain at-large, and victims, witnesses and residents of the small Gulf coast town of Venice are beginning to demand answers and the story has developed legs and is being featured on national newscasts. One central, overaching questions is begging for an answer: How could such a dramatic show of paramilitary force by at least three different police agencies and SWAT units, replete with helicopters, floodlights and canine units and a small army of officers in full military gear and semiautomatic weaponry, result in such a Keystone Cops failure to simply apprehend the gunmen?

This is especially true given the fact that the Fox News affiliate in Tampa Bay is reporting that the 42,000 square foot building was surrounded by Police and SWAT unit officers. Clearly, this is what can and does happen when the government insists on using the equivilent of a meat cleaver to kill a small housefly. Never once during the two-plus hours that SWAT teams and helicopters surrounded the building did Police have verified, reliable information that the so-called hostage takers were still in the Venice TJ Maxx department store. By the time authorities penetrated and cleared the building of "terrified hostages", the perpetrators could have fled to Fort Meyers, or traveled halfway to Miami or Jacksonville. Not surprisingly, Police are not releasing discriptions of the suspects or videotapes except to say they believe the two gunmen were armed "white males" who had rushed the store just before closing. This despite the fact that witnesses stated that the gunmen were covered from head to toe in black clothing and wore a mask and hood (some accounts say Darth Vadar masks).

 Watch:  Fox News: Manhunt: TJ Maxx Standoff Gunmen still at large

 Watch:  Fox News video "Frightening Ordeal" with Jane Skinner and Herald-Tribune Reporter.


Paramilitary SWAT officers begin to storm the entrance to TJ Maxx.

Two days later, the unfortunate fiasco is now making national news, including MSNBC, and reports like these are quoting Police as saying now that there was "conflicting reports" over whether the gunmen were still inside or had fleed the scene before Police had arrived, according to Sherriff's Office spokesman Lt. Eric Hill. It is unclear why, amid conflicting reports, SWAT teams responded and surrounded the store, treating the situation as a highly dangerous hostage situation that was still in progress. MSNBC is calling it a "false hostage situation", and a team of paramilitary SWAT members are seen charging the front door in group stance on the video linked here at MSNBC. Later, a sole victim is seen being pulled from the store. Several witnesses also reporting a single gunshot being heard at this time.

Police are refusing to release any videotape of the alleged gunmen taken by the store cameras. Police are refusing to release any information to help indentify the suspects (who are armed and at large) at all. This normally only occurs when Police have reason to believe someone familiar with the inside workings of the store might be involved and do not want to alert potential suspects.  Otherwise, the refusal to release any discriptive infomation to the public they allegedly serve is highly problematic on several fronts.

By chance, the Police received a 911 call from 2 alleged female employees about 10 minutes after the gunmen rushed into the store yelling in muffled voices at around 9:30 pm on Tuesday evening. The two employees claimed to have escaped from the back door exit. Not one witness reported any other persons leaving the store from that entrance. Police reponded with a massive display of paramiltary SWAT and air team support, complete with armored vehicles with radars and massive loud speakers, and officers from at least 3 counties dressed in full military fatigues with semiautomatic rifles. Several hours later, with victims cleared from the store and exits sealed, SWAT teams raided the store. Amazingly, the gunmen were nowhere to be found. Below is a video from Fox News which summarizes this Keystone Cop Police State fiasco, and to the right is a compilation on a few on Youtube:


"A massive, testosterone driven, show of paramilitary force, replete with helicopters, canines and fatigue wearing, combat armed SWAT team members...basically helped so-called hostages too scared to move find the front door; and meanwhile, amid all the pomp and circumstance, the alleged gunmen were long gone. Later, when the small army of SWAT officers stormed the store, an older woman inside was injured, and around this same time at least one witness heard gunfire. Police claim the injured woman, who had to be dragged from the store on a...stretcher, was injured when she was pushed to the floor by one of the gunmen." As quoted and set forth below:

SWAT teams (note: from 3 counties) were called in and by 1:30 Wednesday morning, they had pulled all hostages out of the building safely. One woman had some minor injuries from being shoved to the ground. Authorities have not yet found the gunmen but they are believed to still be in the building."


As some who read this Blog may already know, I moved to where I am in Florida to complete my education in law, and I previously lived on Florida's Gulf Coast. I have a reliable source on the ground in Venice (parents of a good friend) who live close to where this occured. They described something along the lines of a massive, testosterone driven show of paramilitary force, replete with helicopters, canines and fatigue wearing, combat armed SWAT team members. Once it became apparent to most everyone who had gathered in the TJ Maxx parking lot or accross the street that the hostages were out and safe, many (including this source) went home or went to sleep. Later, they described the entire ordeal as "Keystone Cops" and could not believe admidst such a show of police force, the alleged crooks either snuck away, or were long gone before the SWAT teams ever arrived. Remember, Venice is a small town near the beach and outside of Sarasota. The closest metro area is Tampa Bay, about 70 miles north.

The local ABC affiliate was reporting two days after the robbery-hostage fiasco that took place in the town of Venice (which is just outside of Sarasota on the Gulf of Mexico) that witnesses to the SWAT standoff gone bad were still in disbelief on how the two reported robbers got away:

"Stephanie Cook was outside of the store as the hostages trickled out of the store. "How could they not catch them? There's only two ways in and out of TJ Maxx," she asked.

That sentiment was echoed throughout Venice, but police were not answering any questions about how the men escaped from a building that was surrounded by law enforcement," reported Rebecca Mendina from the the Tampa Bay Action News affiliate. Here is a video from Youtube which briefly breaks down the situation. It is also captured below in the small Youtube box along with 3 other videos. It is highly recommended the reader watch each video to help fill in the cracks and summarize the facts in this story.

According to MSNBC, the SWAT team (which could have thwarted an attempted invasion by a small third world nation) surrounded the building and secured both exits and essentially used a bullhorn and cellphone to announce their presence and called the store manager at his home. From there, the basically helped so-called hostages too scared to move find the front door; and meanwhile, amidst all the pomp and circumstance of assembling several dozen armed paramilitary officers around the store, the alleged gunmen were long gone. Later, when the small army of SWAT members stormed the store fully shielded and with weapons bared, an older woman inside was injured. And, around this same time, at least one witness heard a single shot of gunfire. Police claimed the injured woman, who had to be dragged from the store by a SWAT member on a make-shift triage stretcher, was injured after she was pushed to the ground by one of the gunmen (and denied any shots were discharged).

Sarasota County Sheriff's spokeswoman Wendy Rose stated, "From what I understand, they (the hostages) were hiding in separate locations throughout the building, just not knowing whether it was safe to come out," Rose said. Some of the hostages had their wrists tied together. Nowhere has it been stated that the alleged gunmen asked where the store safe was, nor did they assemble all the so-called hostages on the floor together near the back of the store (standard operating procedure in a planned retail store holdup).

The Tampa Bay ABC affiliate had this to say during the hostage standoff, obviously parroted from the Sarasota County press release:

"VENICE, FL -- Sarasota County Deputies say 6 people have been saved from a hostage situation at a TJ Maxx on U.S. 41. Deputies say two men with guns went into the store just before 9:00 Tuesday night. They reportedly took four employees and two customers hostage.

SWAT teams (note: from 3 counties) were called in and by 1:30 Wednesday morning, they had pulled all hostages out of the building safely. One woman had some minor injuries from being shoved to the ground. Authorities have not yet found the gunmen but they are believed to still be in the building."

Nelson Hertzog, who manages a Papa John's Pizza store in Jacksonville, Florida, and who hails from Venice, Florida, stated that he received a series of tweets and emails during the time the TJ Maxx incident was unfolding from relatives. At the time they thought, due to the size and scope of the response by authorities, that terrorists had taken people hostage inside the TJ Maxx that was mere blocks from their house. For the next few hours, Hertzog stated that he tried (unsuccesfully) to get real-time news updates via his iphone, and finally got to the bottom of what was going on once he got home and accessed the Internet of his home PC. For several hours many in the Venice area who could not gather with the crowds in the TJ Maxx store, thought (erroneously) that terrorists had hostages inside the TJ Maxx. Given the size of the response and air cover provided by helicopters, and all the commotion and floodlights that come with such an operation, such an assumption and fear is hardly unwarranted. This author initially learned of the Venice incident from Mr. Hertzog.

Police say they do believe robbery is the motive though they won't say how much money or what types of things the men took from the store. Since the faces of the men were covered, they're having trouble with a description. They are hoping surveillance footage from the store might help them with some of the details, according to the local Tampa Bay News affiliate.

A massive number of SWAT officers in combat faitigues (and many wearing backpacks and utility gear while fully armed), are seen entering the TJ Maxx in the local Fox affiliate from Tampa Bay video linked here. Also in the video is an armored Sherriff's vehicle with a large speaker and radar at it's top which, according to several residents in the parking lot, emitted deafening noises and a loud voice which instructed the gunmen to come out. When several hostages came through the door, a booming voice yelled to the victims to put their hands over their head, apparently from this enormous loud speaker as well. Many victims could not put their heads over their hands because their hands were still tied and appeared frightened and confused when exiting the store. "They were screaming and they was a nervous wreck and they were tied up," witness Chuck Kaylor said. "And the police told them to raise their hands,(note: a witness from several blocks away heard the "hands up" command being blasted) and they couldn't obviously."

Welcome to 21st Century law enforcement in the new modern world order, where the bankers and speculators who have helped bankrupt this nation get bailouts, and the people get a botched, knee-jerk police response in full paramilitary regalia and victims being yelled at to get their hands over their heads despite the fact their hands are tied, by some faceless moron in an armored vehicle. Thank God none of these people were shot. And yet the day after it was business as usual at TJ Maxx, with many of the victims who were too afraid to let their names or pictures be used by the media, were forced by economic strain to return right back to work while never knowing if the gunmen will ever be caught. And the gunmen, they got away. I guess we should be thankful they did not get a bailout as well.

Meanwhile, Southwest Florida's finest from several counties got a chance to show off their new federally funded paramilitary toys, run around with semiautomatic rifles and full combat fatigues, and storm a local retailer that they knew, or should have known, had no sign of the gunmen inside (only terrified victims). That's because long before they stormed the building authorities were notified via a second 911 call that a black SUV was seen fleeing the scene with its headlights off suspiciously. That call was ignored, and instead the equivilent to a meatcleaver was used to kill a housefly. And Police continue to hunt leads for the missing gunmen clad in black.

URL to this page: http://citizencoma.com/special-report-bizarre-fla-non-hostage-operation.php

The full blog URL and link to this article is here: http://corruptionamericanstyle.blogspot.com/2009/11/questions-and-gunmen-remain-at-large-in.html  .

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Over the past several days, several media outlets, including The Guardian and the New York Times, have admitted that the original story that attributed Sgt. Kimberly Munley as the brave officer who brought down the Ft. Hood shooter was not exactly true. Editor and Publisher has gone even further, in it's online article entitled, "Another Media Black Eye: Second Cop-not Kimberly Munley-Brought Down Ft. Hood Killer", writer Gregory Mitchell asks the obvious in the article's concluding sentences:

"But what else will turn out false about Fort Hood claims from military, e.g. the "Allahu Akbar" shouts?

Yes, Munley is a hero for facing the bullets. And, no, this isn't another Jessica Lynch case, but it does have some disturbing similarities.

Plus: Just coincidence that a white woman got the credit over a black male? We'll soon find out. Perhaps. But this time, put aside the military's official narrative. First time, shame on the source. Second time, shame on the media. Third time?"

Make no mistake, Munley was and is brave for charging in and confronting the gunman, and was wounded after being shot 3 times, and certainly was up to the call. But why attribute the takedown of the shooter to her if it was evident she was shot 3 times by that very shooter (allegedly the untrained non-marksman Major Hasan), who then reloaded before being taken down by Munley's partner, Sgt. Todd? Was there not enough room for 2 heros? What was wrong with Todd? Too male? Too black?  A simple connecting of the dots and interviewing of witnesses would have shown Todd took down the gunman after Munley was shot 3 times.

Instead we are given a fictional spin of the mighty-mite working mom (aka the Petite Rambo) taking down the alleged dangerous jihadist, getting wounded in the process, and then calling her son via cellphone at daycare and arranging for someone else to pick him up because mom was injured. Why?  Sgt. Munley is just as brave for doing what she did without taking down the gunman. Why did this story need Super Mom to stop the bad guy, and why did no one question the official press release on this?

Social Engineering and manufactured tales of heroism are nothing new with our military and MSM. Jessica Lynch (as mentioned by E&P) comes to mind, as does the almost completely fabricated Pat Tillman hero story that was pushed into the MSM by military "engineers".  The difference is with both Lynch and Tillman is that Lynch herself, and the family of Pat Tillman, finally said enough was enough and called the U.S. Military on their lies and coverups. Tillman's family actually sued the government. And make no mistake, what Lynch and the Tillmans did took a good bit of courage and good old fashioned ethics. Yet, the U.S. Army and the federal government seems to lack any ethical foundation whatsoever these days (and have been caught in lie after lie after lie).  Add the mainstream media to that list of liars as well, since they should know better by now, but mechanically repeat whatever they are told to by authorities, blindly and obediantly. At least The NY Times tried to set the record straight but still refuses to admit it was a PR arm.

Jessica Lynch (L) and Pat Tillman (R) in U.S. Army file photos published and sourced at Lynch's and Tillman's Wikipedia entries.  These faces are an uncomfortable reminder of manufactured spin.

The only difference so far between the Lynch and Tillman stories that were eventually exposed as U.S. Government propaganda, and the Munley super-mom jihad take-down story, is that the Tillman tragedy and the Lynch story were exposed as being almost totally created whole-cloth to use to the military's advantage. Munley, while not responsible for taking down the shooter, was certainly shot. Her story is but one of the Fort Hood stories (albiet, a central one). We are not yet at that point in the Fort Hood shootings where hindsight can prove beneficial, yet we still have every indicia of a terrorist event (whether real or staged as a false flag). But stay tuned. The truth has a crafty way of eventually seeping out.

It is almost like a tragedy unfolds before the nation, and several stories that seem crafted by PR firms are flung out before the country in official looking press releases, and then left to the masses and the sceptical to flesh out into some sort of truth. And what is the truth? Like I said before, in my previous post, we will probably never know. And there are many other articles and posts that have examined oddities, inaccuracies and strange reports that emerge from this tragedy daily.  The numerous MSM stories and accounts still do not add up, and may crumble under the scrutiny test like this one did. And Editor and Publisher is right to ask: what else is made up?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009



     The Pink Pony Stripclub in Daytona Beach, Florida        (HC)


Major Hasan, the alleged sole gunman in the Fort Hood Massacre, is now being revealed as a frequant customer of a local Texas stripclub, where he somehow found time to visit in between work and his multiple visits to his local Mosque. This, after reports that Major Hasan worshipped at the same Virginia Mosque as some of the 9-11 terrorists, and was allegedly trying to contact Al Quida according to hearsay unnamed sources who are allegedly connected to the FBI. And despite how foolish it now looks, all the DHS and the Army seemed concerned with is diversity in wake of the shootings. Now, Hasan is alleged to have taken another page from the same playbook as the so-called 9-11 terrorists.  Fox News reported the following:

"The Army psychiatrist authorities say killed 13 people and wounded 29 others at the Fort Hood Army Base Thursday was a recent and frequent customer at a local strip club, employees of the club told FoxNews.com exclusively." Note-this would normally be a non-story, because what someone does in their private time should be their own business.  But this is not the first time a so-called devout, religious Muslim that has been accused of mass murder by the mainstream media. Why Fox news would think that an employee reporting that Hasan preferred blondes is somehow newsworthy is beyond me, but this appears to be as much as an attempt to show hypocrisy or connect Hasan to the 9-11 terrorists by inference as it is a news story.

Where have we heard this all before? No, not Jimmy Swaggart (but close). The 9-11 highjackers, all supposed devout Muslims, were reported as visiting several strip clubs from California to Florida, and several places in between. The most infamous visit of all was the alleged Pink Pony Stripclub event by Mohammed Atta and others who are alleged to have been drunk and bragging about what they were about to do. And, of course, at least one account had them leaving a Koran behind in the club. But this was hardly the only case of Muslims terrorists being connected to strip clubs and pornography.

Remember, some of the hallmarks of disinformation is that it smears by mere association and conflicts to cause uncertainty and confusion. Disinformation is best when it is allegedly "leaked" on a day by day basis for that "drip, drip, drip" effect. By the time its over its all you can do to lift your hands over your head and give up, having been washed over by waves and waves of things that conflict yet eventually merge together.  Who knows if this story is factual or created, but the drip, drip, drip effect with all of this information is undeniable.

 The History Commons website reported that 9-11 Hijacker Jarrah stayed in Jacksonville, Florida for unknown reasons several times, and frequented a local stripclub there:

"After returning to the US for the fifth time, 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah flies immediately to Jacksonville, Florida, where he stays at the Ramada Inn for a week. He had previously visited Jacksonville (see January 22-26, 2001), as had Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi (see (October 2000)). While in Jacksonville, he frequents Wacko’s strip club. A worker there will later say that the FBI comes to the club after 9/11 to ask questions and show pictures “of the 9/11 terrorists,” and a dancer recognizes Jarrah from a photo line-up."

History Commons also reproduced an FBI spreadsheet listing many of these activities, including a report that  on July 4th to the 27th, certain highjackers spent hundreds of dollars on pono movies and sex toys, and in the days leading up to the attacks on 9-11, that certain hijackers paid for sex with prostitutes,  In fact, the entire timeline and spreadsheet are replete with examples of alleged contact between 9-11 terrorists and strip clubs or strippers. View the entire timeline by clicking here.

In fact, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsickler did a detailed investigation of the activities of Atta and the other terrorists and they stays in Florida, and even produced a video and book on the subject.

The Muslim terrorist meets stripper theme is one that is hardly new, the thing that many Hollywood subplots and even a novel titled, "The Unknown Terrorist" by Tasmanian born Richard Flanagan, and a novel based on a terrorist conducting research in a stripclub called "The Garden of the Last Days" by Andre Dubus, III. Regardless, one thing is for sure, the story on Hasan and the Fort Hood massacre is cut from the same cloth as the story behind the 9-11 Muslim terrorists that was fed to the public following 9-11. Whether this is the result of the same flawed, hypocritical Jihadi activities, or the byproduct of a clandestine intelligence operation gone amuk, only time will tell. Having close connections to those that were in crypto- intelligence or Marine special forces, I know that life is rarely black and white, and is sometimes shades of gray. And sometimes an operation is so in-your-face that they will leave an obvious calling card for those who wish to connect the dots between different events. It's too soon to tell, but things still do not add up.

And this 9-11 inference is so obvious that even some of the hard core conservative forums and blogs have put 2 and 2 together, however, it never occurs to these people that this could be simply the same card being played again by whoever wants to exploit this event and fear of muslim terrorists. At least they see what we all are seeing

Now it appears that one arm of the federal government is not shaking hands with the other. Which creates even more confusion. Stay tuned. The more they try and paint this as lone gunman tragedy, the more it looks more and more clandestine. Note: This posting can also be viewed at my website Citizencoma.com.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


The Los Angelas Times has done everyone who has been scratching their heads about the tragic Fort Hood massacre and the accused gunman Nidal Malik Hasan a big favor. The Times tracked down the suppossed Uncle of Major Hasan, who recently awoke from his coma and ventilator in a Texas hospital. 

The Uncle, Rafik Ismail Hasan, was found in the West Bank by a Times corrospondent.

For those who linked to the article above, it is clear the man in the picture has been crying. He tells the Times that the entire family is "in a state of denial", and that none of them believe he was capable of doing something like he is accused of. "I was amazed and shocked", the Uncle is quoted as saying. "It is not like him. He is very quiet, gentle."

That, by itself, would hardly be newsworthy, as most family members state something like the above. However, it's what the Uncle says later in the article that should start raising the red flags. Mr. Hasan states that although his nephew became more religious following his parent's death, it had nothing to do with political or radical identity:

     ""He never knew anything about politics," Hamad said. "He didn't know who is the president or the king of any Arab country. He's American. . . . He once told me, 'The chances I have in the United States I couldn't have in any other country in the world, so I appreciate what this country has done for me.' "

Hamad also said that while his nephew had complained about racial slurs, he seemed to be handling it well:

""He told me: 'They're ignorant. I'm more American than they are. I help my country more than they do. And I don't care what they say.' He felt sorry for them. He didn't feel grudges; he felt sympathy."

Mr. Hamad also noted that his nephew once grieved for three months when he rolled over during a nap and crushed his pet parakeet. Also, during medical school his switched to psychiatry because he fainted at the sight of blood while delivering a baby.  There is a nephew who is quoted in the article as well, who states that he had heard the same things from Major Hasan from the states.

The Uncle states that he would like to offer his condolences to the victims of the tragedy and apologize, and that if his nephew did what he is accused of, he must have snapped, and whatever caused it was big. There are references to the Doctor's increasing caseload, and how he was affected by the soldier's maladies.

"But for him, I don't know what I can do. If he wakes up, I want to ask him, 'Did you do it, and why?' I want to know. Otherwise, I have nothing to say to him." , the Uncle concludes.

Also see this related article from NPR (with transcript), "Fort Hood Shooting Stuns Hasan's Family".

Meanwhile, back in the States, the New York Times is reporting that the Fort Hood gunman gave signals before his rampage.  "But relatives and acquaintances say tensions that led to the rampage had been building for a long time. Investigators say Major Hasan bought the gun used in the massacre last summer, days after arriving at Fort Hood."

"In recent years, he had grown more and more vocal about his opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and tortured over reconciling his military duties with his religion. He tried to get out of the Army, relatives said, and apparently believed it to be impossible, though experts say he was probably given inadequate advice."  The Times article reports.   This is like Alice in Wonderland, is it not?

The NY Times article stands in stark contrast to the LA Times article. Accoring to the Uncle pictured in the LA Times and NPR articles, and the nephew, Hasan was proud to be an American and in the Army, and they make no mention that he was trying (or suing) to get out of the Army. 

And it comes as no surprise that the NY Times article quotes anonymous sources and does not name the family members they are quoting. As posted here earlier last Friday, a supposed Aunt and bank president made a passing reference that Hasan was trying to get out of the country.  Yet the family is supposed to have been in shock and disbelief over this.  The Aunt was somehow made available before they had even reported that Hasan was anything other than dead.

Radio talkshow host and Infowars.com's Alex Jones has raised the issue of whether the Major was on Prozac or some other mood altering substance, as is often the case in shooting incidents like the Columbine High School shootings in Colorado. If the Major was indeed exhibiting signs of severe stress and conflict and was giving lectures on Islam and how the nonbelievers will be ultimately be beheaded (as reported in the media), and trying to get out of the Army, then the brass who promoted Hasan and ignored the warning signs need to be held to account, and even prosecuted under the UCMJ.  Their reckless disregard for the safety of the soldiers on this base, and the promotion of Hasan from Captain to Major, need to be called on to the carpet.  And last and not least, Senator Joe Lieberman has asked for a Congressional investigation on how these warning signs could have been ignored.

Ultimately, this all cannot possibly be resolved. Someone is mistaken, or lying, or stretching the truth, or writing from a script.  And consider this link to a quote from a SFC who was stationed at Ft. Hood for 10 years, who says "there is no way the official story is true...it stinks to high heavens."  A whole plethora of oddities about the Ft. Hood shootings have been compiled here by Citizens for a Legitimate Government.

Meanwhile, as predicted here and by others on Friday, the MSM in now reporting that officials have concluded that Hasan was a lone gunman, and also that the FBI had been investigating Hasan for up to a year before the shootings, and determined he was no threat.  Hasan is also reportedly awake and talking to doctors and his lawyer.  The FBI will be investigating its own conduct in dropping the ball on Hasan, so expect heads to roll over that (not).

Several days later, heartbroken family members and questions of terrorism and stunned family members are still not resolved. And the story grows stranger and still does not add up. I fully expect some sort of confession to be attributed to Hasan, although many will wonder why the confession raises yet more questions than answers. Like I said, these tragedies follow a pattern, like an illness. It's part of the reason that many of the families from Columbine, Oklahoma City and 9-11 sued the federal government and other agencies. I hope this was just a random tragedy, but this appears to be something deeper (whether actual terrorism or made to look like terrorism). And, of course, we haven't even addressed to gunshop issues and the gun control cries that will come out of this.