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     The Pink Pony Stripclub in Daytona Beach, Florida        (HC)


Major Hasan, the alleged sole gunman in the Fort Hood Massacre, is now being revealed as a frequant customer of a local Texas stripclub, where he somehow found time to visit in between work and his multiple visits to his local Mosque. This, after reports that Major Hasan worshipped at the same Virginia Mosque as some of the 9-11 terrorists, and was allegedly trying to contact Al Quida according to hearsay unnamed sources who are allegedly connected to the FBI. And despite how foolish it now looks, all the DHS and the Army seemed concerned with is diversity in wake of the shootings. Now, Hasan is alleged to have taken another page from the same playbook as the so-called 9-11 terrorists.  Fox News reported the following:

"The Army psychiatrist authorities say killed 13 people and wounded 29 others at the Fort Hood Army Base Thursday was a recent and frequent customer at a local strip club, employees of the club told exclusively." Note-this would normally be a non-story, because what someone does in their private time should be their own business.  But this is not the first time a so-called devout, religious Muslim that has been accused of mass murder by the mainstream media. Why Fox news would think that an employee reporting that Hasan preferred blondes is somehow newsworthy is beyond me, but this appears to be as much as an attempt to show hypocrisy or connect Hasan to the 9-11 terrorists by inference as it is a news story.

Where have we heard this all before? No, not Jimmy Swaggart (but close). The 9-11 highjackers, all supposed devout Muslims, were reported as visiting several strip clubs from California to Florida, and several places in between. The most infamous visit of all was the alleged Pink Pony Stripclub event by Mohammed Atta and others who are alleged to have been drunk and bragging about what they were about to do. And, of course, at least one account had them leaving a Koran behind in the club. But this was hardly the only case of Muslims terrorists being connected to strip clubs and pornography.

Remember, some of the hallmarks of disinformation is that it smears by mere association and conflicts to cause uncertainty and confusion. Disinformation is best when it is allegedly "leaked" on a day by day basis for that "drip, drip, drip" effect. By the time its over its all you can do to lift your hands over your head and give up, having been washed over by waves and waves of things that conflict yet eventually merge together.  Who knows if this story is factual or created, but the drip, drip, drip effect with all of this information is undeniable.

 The History Commons website reported that 9-11 Hijacker Jarrah stayed in Jacksonville, Florida for unknown reasons several times, and frequented a local stripclub there:

"After returning to the US for the fifth time, 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah flies immediately to Jacksonville, Florida, where he stays at the Ramada Inn for a week. He had previously visited Jacksonville (see January 22-26, 2001), as had Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi (see (October 2000)). While in Jacksonville, he frequents Wacko’s strip club. A worker there will later say that the FBI comes to the club after 9/11 to ask questions and show pictures “of the 9/11 terrorists,” and a dancer recognizes Jarrah from a photo line-up."

History Commons also reproduced an FBI spreadsheet listing many of these activities, including a report that  on July 4th to the 27th, certain highjackers spent hundreds of dollars on pono movies and sex toys, and in the days leading up to the attacks on 9-11, that certain hijackers paid for sex with prostitutes,  In fact, the entire timeline and spreadsheet are replete with examples of alleged contact between 9-11 terrorists and strip clubs or strippers. View the entire timeline by clicking here.

In fact, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsickler did a detailed investigation of the activities of Atta and the other terrorists and they stays in Florida, and even produced a video and book on the subject.

The Muslim terrorist meets stripper theme is one that is hardly new, the thing that many Hollywood subplots and even a novel titled, "The Unknown Terrorist" by Tasmanian born Richard Flanagan, and a novel based on a terrorist conducting research in a stripclub called "The Garden of the Last Days" by Andre Dubus, III. Regardless, one thing is for sure, the story on Hasan and the Fort Hood massacre is cut from the same cloth as the story behind the 9-11 Muslim terrorists that was fed to the public following 9-11. Whether this is the result of the same flawed, hypocritical Jihadi activities, or the byproduct of a clandestine intelligence operation gone amuk, only time will tell. Having close connections to those that were in crypto- intelligence or Marine special forces, I know that life is rarely black and white, and is sometimes shades of gray. And sometimes an operation is so in-your-face that they will leave an obvious calling card for those who wish to connect the dots between different events. It's too soon to tell, but things still do not add up.

And this 9-11 inference is so obvious that even some of the hard core conservative forums and blogs have put 2 and 2 together, however, it never occurs to these people that this could be simply the same card being played again by whoever wants to exploit this event and fear of muslim terrorists. At least they see what we all are seeing

Now it appears that one arm of the federal government is not shaking hands with the other. Which creates even more confusion. Stay tuned. The more they try and paint this as lone gunman tragedy, the more it looks more and more clandestine. Note: This posting can also be viewed at my website

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