Wednesday, February 3, 2010


"The matermind (of the 1993 WTC bombing) is the government of the United States. It was a phony, government-engineered conspiracy to begin with...It would have never amounted to anything had the government not planned it." - Defense Attorney Ron Kuby (protege of W. Kuntsler, commenting on the evidence).

"The FBI Allowed the WTC Bombings to Happen", NY Times. p A-1 by Ralph Bloomingthal. 28 October 1993. Under NYT headline of "Tapes reveal unsucessful attempt to thwart bombings".

"Evidence has emerged showing...the FBI may have known about the bombings in advance, and might, might have been able to prevent it." Dan Rather, CBS Evening News. October 23, 1993 (5:44.20 PM video transcript. Click hyperlinked quotes for videotaped evidence of this broadcast).


AP Photo. Mastermind of 9-11?

As the citations and quotes above the header imply, there was much more to the first World Trade Center bombing and resulting trial than many Americans may remember. 

A majority of New Yorkers, now including the Mayor of NYC and New York policians, are not thrilled the Obama adminitration (by way of Attorney General Holder) has set a civilian court trial for the so-called self professed mastermind of 9-11 Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and his co-conspirators in Manhatten. Citing issues of national security, costs, and safety logistics, many conservatives and New York liberals are screaming foul and demanding the trial be moved.  One can hardly fault New Yorkers for feeling this way, but many conservatives and neo-cons (and pro war liberals like Joe Lieberman) are demanding that not only should the trial be moved, but that it belongs before a miltary tribunal. They fear a civilian trial may turn into a "fiasco". Now, it remains unknown whether or not Khalid will receive a civilian trial or not. He has already allegedly confessed after hours of the Bush-Cheney approved method of waterboarding (183 times).

There is currently a back and forth going on through the MSM on whether or not the terror trials should be held in NY or in civilian courts at all (citing threats of a fiasco and possible terror threats).

What do they mean by this? Who cares? The only fiasco these self proclaimed patriots likely fear is the same type of embarassment and ridicule that resulted from the 1993 terror trials from the first WTC bombings and the alleged mastermind(s) of that attempt to knock one tower into another and kill 200,000 New Yorkers.

Emad A. Salem was an FBI informant, who was a key witness in the trial of Ramzi Youssef, Abdul Hakim Murad, and Wali Khan Amin Shah, convicted in the World Trade Center Bombing of February 26, 1993. Youssef, the self styled mastermind of the bombings, warned that eventually the buildings would come down. Youssef has been linked to Project or Operation Bojiinka (big bang) by authorities, through data found on his computer when apprehended by authrities in Manila. Those who have studied 9-11 know the connection.

All hell broke lose when FBI informant Salem, sensing a double-cross by his handlers, secretly recorded conversations between himself and his agency handlers which revealed not only did the FBI supply the materials to build the bomb, they had Salem switch materials to assure the bomb would go off. Salem revealed these tapes to defense attorneys when they deposed him. The government fought their admission claiming national security exemptions, which the federal court granted for the most part. Nevertheless, Salem testified under oath concering the tapes, and defense attorneys eventually released parts of the tapes and transcripts to the media. The evidence given to the media, or discovered through investigative journalism, leads to the disturbing revelation that federal law enforcement knew, supplied  and encouraged terrorists in the role of a sort of agent provacatuer.

The role of the FBI and how they either allowed or encouraged the first WTC attacks is set forth in stark detail by award winning intelligence author and investigative jounalist James Bovard in his article, "The FBI Blunders and the First World Trade Center Bombing" . 10 November 2004. FF Foundaton.

Former Watergate associate prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste warned that the (Emad Saleem, FBI imformant) tapes pose "an absolute nightmare for federal prosecutors."  And indeed, he was correct. But the American people have a short attention span. Suggest that the feds might have known about and prevented the World Trade Center bombings, and you will be labled a conspiracy theorist and a kook.

Many readers will see this and objectively consider it, and they will be deeply disturbed--perhaps sick to their stomach. Many more will refuse to accept any of this as fact because to do so will totally destroy their world view, and they will be angry that this evidence was dredged up again. Go back to sleep, but do not say you were never warned. The world is not as we are led to believe it is.

But the next time you hear someone on Fox News or an ex official from the Bush administration rail against the idea of the alleged confessed mastermind of 9-11 receiving a civilian trial (say, didn't Bin Laden confess already?), now you know what the real fear may be: history repeating itself. And when you consider the vigor that Holder and Obama are pushing this idea through despite huge outcries to the contrary, the notion of political payback does not seem out of the relm, either. In any event, this all needed to be put into context.

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