Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Long Island man arrested for firing rifle near gang of men on his lawn

What in the world is going on in New York?

"A "mild mannered" Long Island man accused of firing a rifle in the air during a confrontation with a large group of men on his lawn was charged with felony assault Monday. This according to the New York Daily News.

"George Grier, 31, fired the shots - without injuring anyone - on Sunday night after arguing with the men, police said.

Police in LA and NYC routinely are obsessed with protestors with rocks and signs, and disarming citizens that threaten the establishment (IMHO). At the same time, gangs roam free terrorizing citizens.  Photo: Ralsten Getty (NYDN).

"Grier, who is black, was arguing the group of Hispanic men at his Uniondale home. His family told the Associated Press he was trying to protect them."

Right...and they left out the part about the fact that witesses said that there was a gang of at least 30 youths in Grier's front yard between his door and his car, and that Grier thought they could be MS-13, that this group is known for carrying machetes, and that Grier asked the group to leave several times before they dared him to shoot the gun, called him a coward and then told him his wife and kids were as good as dead. At that point, after telling his wife to call police, Grier fired 3 warning shots into his lawn.

Police used a special satellite imaging to show (infared) where the shots came from. They arrested Grier, who told police the group was trespassing, was threatening him, and moving towards him from several sides, and that he feared for his safety. They also allegedly called him a racial slur several times, which appears to be OK since they are Hispanics, and it appears only whites get in trouble for such comments. The gun was lawfully owned.

Instead of arresting the trespassing thugs for criminal trespass and gang related activity, police arrested Grier for reckless endangerment (in his own front yard) and seized his rifle. The gang now knows that Grier and his family have no lawfully owned gun.

Way to go, morons. You have just disarmed a man you KNOW is being threatened with death by a criminal gang, perhaps MS-13. He now has no way to defend his family, especially if he ends up behind bars. He now cannot purchase a firearm in NYC until this is resolved, and will need to get arms via other means if he wants to protect his family and himself.

After all, we know the police have no duty to protect individual citizens, but they sure as hell can disarm them in liberal NY and make them sitting ducks.

However, MS-13 or whatever gangs are roaming that area can sleep easier tonight.

This is exhibit A on why I am glad I live in Florida, why liberal gun enforcement laws do nothing to protect law abiding citizens and how Police either get in the way or make things worse in NY, California and places like Maryland and Mass:

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