Monday, December 14, 2009


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SWAT paramilitary search for lone gunman and alleged psycho citizen Clemmons

This past Saturday saw the reopening of Forza Coffee, the cafe where four Lakewood, Washington police officers were gunned down execution-style. The tragedy obviously took its toll on the coffee shop and the community as a whole. Yet, this marks as good of a time as any to summarize exactly what took place mere weeks ago:

First, we have the tragic and deliberate hit of four uniformed officers in a Lakewood, Washington coffee shop (owned by a former veteran police officer), which happened, by chance, in close distance to a military base (McChord AFB). The alleged lone gunman, Maurice Clemmons, is later killed by Police. The only relative to Clemmons to report Clemmon's whereabouts to Police (before he was killed) has her house raided and randsacked by Police SWAT teams, leaving destruction and tear gas residue in their wake. Somehow, Clemmons evades capture only to be shot hours later. He is killed. Dead men tell no tales.  This happened several weeks after the slaughter of numerous military waiting to deploy to Iraq by an alleged lone gunman and psychologically unstable Army therapist.  The practical effect is insecurity and fear, because if the MSM is to be believed, the military and police are two institutions that protect the sheeple from homegrown and worldwide terrorism and radical criminality.

Was Clemmons a patsy, part of a larger plot, or a very, very lucky shot with a handgun while attempting to ambush four uniformed police officers, wearing bullet-proof vests, at least one of which had SWAT training?

Sgt. Mark Renniger. Ex Army Ranger. 2/75th from the 1990s. This guy had special training in firearms, hand to hand combat and, according to someone who allegedly served with him, lived the Ranger credo.

Aside from an unofficial memorial piece by the Seattle Times, Renniger's status as an ex-Army Ranger and noted SWAT team trainer (and CFO of a SWAT officer's union in Washington), Renniger's special Rambo-like training and skills have been unreported or ignored by the MSM. Why?  Renniger was not just some averege run of the mill cop counting down the days until retirement, he was a highly trained, skilled practicioner in arms and combat and tactical warfare. He was also a father, husband and a very unlikely victim of such a random "ambush" (especially at the hands of the co-called lone gunman Maurice Clemmons, who had no military or formal training in firearms whatsoever according to records).

(Left) Ex-Army Ranger and nationally known SWAT trainer Sgt. Mark Renniger. He and three fellow officers were gunned down by a lone, unstable gunman with a criminal past and a single handgun in an ambush, if the official reports are true. It is unclear how Renniger, who was trained in defending against such tactics, or three other fully vested and trained officers, were so swiftly taken out by Clemmons, who has no formal gun training to speak of. "In the 1990s, Sgt. Renninger was stationed at Fort Benning, Ga., when he was accepted into the elite Army Rangers. Mike Sienda, who now works in Army Intelligence in Charlottesville, Va., got to know him well...(and commented extensively for the Seattle Times). The shootings took place at or near the Forza Coffee Co. outlet at 11401 Steele St. South, just northeast of McChord Air Force Base (home of the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron, a USAF special operations strike force).

There was political fallout as a result of this tragedy. Former Ark. Governer Mike Huckabee, for one. Then, once it became evident that the reason Clemmons was free on bail was due to Washington authorities, this highly suspicious AP piece appeared at KOMO's website, declaring that Clemmons was able to post bond because he "used to work for a bail bond company"(no company is named, however). This makes it looks as if Clemmons gamed the system, and not as if local authorities dropped the ball. The truth appears to be that well before these killings had taken place, Clemmons had argued in court documents that he was criminally insane, and had been evaluated at the nortorious Western State hospital. Prosecutors had fought Clemmon's insanity defense from the start, opening the door for bail once WS doctors took the State's side.

This is not the only time four Lakewood Police officers have been shot. In September of this year, four Lakewood, New Jersey officers were shot, along with the suspect, while serving a no-knock warrant. There were no reported deaths, but that four Lakewood, Washington officers would be shot and killed less than 90 days later is a strange coincedence. There have been several Washington area residents who said the local media originally reported a team of gunmen took down these cops, then it was two gunmen, then a lone gunmen and a getaway driver eventually evolved from the ever changing media crafted story.

One thing is clear. If Clemmons was a pawn in addition to a psycho and alleged cop killer, and if someone involved in Intelligence or psy ops wanted to create further instability in an area that is becoming renowned for racial instability and police shootings, Clemmons' alleged criminal plea of insanity was well known, and a matter of public record. As was his release on bail. I'm not saying Clemmons was a MK Ultra type pawn, but, who knows? He is dead now. Regardless, MK Ultra, useful idiot, or whatever, Clemmons was a character with a controversial background which would raise the required ruckus to drown out the obvious abnomalities in the official story that followed these slayings. And four cops are needlessly dead. Either way, it makes as much sense, if not more, than four trained cops (one SWAT and Ranger) being shot rapid-fire with a pistol at a coffee shop owned by a former cop himself, a stone's throw from an air force base, by a petty criminal who at one time straightened his life out only to fall back into crime and mental instability.

It was a tragedy, we can agree on that, and yet it still does not smell right. And you can bet it will be used to try and reign in handgun ownership in Washington and elsewhere. And fear; there is profit and control through fear and hysteria. But for those who dare not believe that life is anything other than sheer randomness, former NY Governer Spitzer's call girl Ashley Dupree is now writing an advice column for Rupert Murdoch's NY Post. This will undoubtedly add fuel to the fire of those who have long maintained she was used by Wall Street and bankers to get to Spitzer, and get the goods. This Post employment would be obvious payback for a job well done, if those conspiracy theorists are to be believed.