Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Over the past several days, several media outlets, including The Guardian and the New York Times, have admitted that the original story that attributed Sgt. Kimberly Munley as the brave officer who brought down the Ft. Hood shooter was not exactly true. Editor and Publisher has gone even further, in it's online article entitled, "Another Media Black Eye: Second Cop-not Kimberly Munley-Brought Down Ft. Hood Killer", writer Gregory Mitchell asks the obvious in the article's concluding sentences:

"But what else will turn out false about Fort Hood claims from military, e.g. the "Allahu Akbar" shouts?

Yes, Munley is a hero for facing the bullets. And, no, this isn't another Jessica Lynch case, but it does have some disturbing similarities.

Plus: Just coincidence that a white woman got the credit over a black male? We'll soon find out. Perhaps. But this time, put aside the military's official narrative. First time, shame on the source. Second time, shame on the media. Third time?"

Make no mistake, Munley was and is brave for charging in and confronting the gunman, and was wounded after being shot 3 times, and certainly was up to the call. But why attribute the takedown of the shooter to her if it was evident she was shot 3 times by that very shooter (allegedly the untrained non-marksman Major Hasan), who then reloaded before being taken down by Munley's partner, Sgt. Todd? Was there not enough room for 2 heros? What was wrong with Todd? Too male? Too black?  A simple connecting of the dots and interviewing of witnesses would have shown Todd took down the gunman after Munley was shot 3 times.

Instead we are given a fictional spin of the mighty-mite working mom (aka the Petite Rambo) taking down the alleged dangerous jihadist, getting wounded in the process, and then calling her son via cellphone at daycare and arranging for someone else to pick him up because mom was injured. Why?  Sgt. Munley is just as brave for doing what she did without taking down the gunman. Why did this story need Super Mom to stop the bad guy, and why did no one question the official press release on this?

Social Engineering and manufactured tales of heroism are nothing new with our military and MSM. Jessica Lynch (as mentioned by E&P) comes to mind, as does the almost completely fabricated Pat Tillman hero story that was pushed into the MSM by military "engineers".  The difference is with both Lynch and Tillman is that Lynch herself, and the family of Pat Tillman, finally said enough was enough and called the U.S. Military on their lies and coverups. Tillman's family actually sued the government. And make no mistake, what Lynch and the Tillmans did took a good bit of courage and good old fashioned ethics. Yet, the U.S. Army and the federal government seems to lack any ethical foundation whatsoever these days (and have been caught in lie after lie after lie).  Add the mainstream media to that list of liars as well, since they should know better by now, but mechanically repeat whatever they are told to by authorities, blindly and obediantly. At least The NY Times tried to set the record straight but still refuses to admit it was a PR arm.

Jessica Lynch (L) and Pat Tillman (R) in U.S. Army file photos published and sourced at Lynch's and Tillman's Wikipedia entries.  These faces are an uncomfortable reminder of manufactured spin.

The only difference so far between the Lynch and Tillman stories that were eventually exposed as U.S. Government propaganda, and the Munley super-mom jihad take-down story, is that the Tillman tragedy and the Lynch story were exposed as being almost totally created whole-cloth to use to the military's advantage. Munley, while not responsible for taking down the shooter, was certainly shot. Her story is but one of the Fort Hood stories (albiet, a central one). We are not yet at that point in the Fort Hood shootings where hindsight can prove beneficial, yet we still have every indicia of a terrorist event (whether real or staged as a false flag). But stay tuned. The truth has a crafty way of eventually seeping out.

It is almost like a tragedy unfolds before the nation, and several stories that seem crafted by PR firms are flung out before the country in official looking press releases, and then left to the masses and the sceptical to flesh out into some sort of truth. And what is the truth? Like I said before, in my previous post, we will probably never know. And there are many other articles and posts that have examined oddities, inaccuracies and strange reports that emerge from this tragedy daily.  The numerous MSM stories and accounts still do not add up, and may crumble under the scrutiny test like this one did. And Editor and Publisher is right to ask: what else is made up?

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