Friday, November 6, 2009


What happened Thursday November 5, 2009 was a tragedy.  Gunman Major Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly snapped and went on a shooting rampage at Fort Hood in Texas, killing at least 12 and injuring 31 others. The information coming in has been conflicting and at times wildly contradictory. Some of this is the result of the newness of the tragedy. But through nonstop coverege the media has begun to flesh out a good deal of the story, and yet a careful examination of just some of the more widely stated information shows there are troubling and conflicting problems with the MSM and government's version of what happened.

This is starting to have the earmarks and anatomy of a disinformation pych ops story.

Update: On November 8, 2009 the media is now reporting that Hasan attended the same Virginia mosque as several of the 9-11 hijackers, and that he attempted to contact Al Quida.
For instance, the media reported that Hasan was promoted to Major in May of this year. And yet, stories coming from what is passing as his family, the FBI and co-workers state that Hasan had wanted out of the military given the government's stand on Afghanistan and Muslims. Indeed, his Aunt "Noel Hasan" (who is interestingly enough identified herself as a Bank President) and his cousin both gave statements to the media which provided that Hasan wanted out of the military and had been harassed since 9-11 about his Muslim faith. Co-workers and the authorities have also stated that Hasan had an Internet presence and a Facebook account, and the FBI has him under survailance for the past 6 months for radical anti-American and pro-Muslim writings on his online accounts.

Now, why on earth would the military promote a man who was unhappy, had objected to being in the military, had not wanted to deploy to anywhere outside of the U.S., and who had allegedly made himself a security threat with online radical comments? The answer is they would never promote such an individual, and someone who badly wants out of the military (to the point of offering to pay back medical school costs to the U.S. military, according to Hasan's Banker aunt). Not only that, if Hasan was truly radical and wanted out he would have never put in for a promotion to Major. But the fact remains he was promoted to Major this year. Try to reconcile those conflicting testimonies and facts.

The media had originally reported that witnesses had seen between 3 and 5 gunmen. Then that number went to 3, with Hasan being wounded and taken in to custody, and two other suspects allegedly being taken into custody and later released after being "cleared" and jumping into a Crown Victoria with US Government license plates on it (and men in suits inside). Now we are even being told that Hasan was yelling "Allahu Akbar" or (Allah is good) while he was gunning down victims. Hours ago witnesses remarked how methodical and stoic the  accused gunman was.

On top of this, several outlets were reporting that Hasan was an expert or marksman shooter with a pistol in the army, and had spent numerous hours honing his shooting skills.  Then, that rumor was undercut by the following statement to Fox News:

 "The shooter's cousin, Nader Hasan, told Fox News that their family is in shock.

"We are trying to make sense of all this," Nader Hasan said. "He wasn't even someone who enjoyed       going to the firing range."

They cannot even decide if the man if 40 or 39.  And on top of that, he graduated from Virginia Tech for his undergraduate work, and others "close" to Hasan said he was gentle and quiet and wanted to make a career out of his Psychiatry degree in the military. Hasan was not married, but very religious who prayed daily. One source stated he was not looking for a wife, another source (in the same article) says he was.

Confused yet? It is only going to get worse. And one thing is for sure, Hasan will be the lone gunman, the other's idenitified by eyewitnesses as shooters as well will be ignored and forgotten by the military and the media.  And Hasan will be portrayed as a radical unstable Muslim idealist who somehow passed screening into the Army, into Army medical school and psychiatry residency, and the lone gunman here.

And since Hasan has no immediate family and is single, with two so-called family members who appear to have all the media savvy of a PR man from the Rendon Group, he is the perfect patsy.

I hate to say it, but this tragedy stinks to high heavens and reaks of clandestine intelligence operations.
Only time will tell, but the government media complex will continue to lie about this for as long as they can get away with it. And against this backdrop, the website is blasting President Obama for his Frightening Insinsesativity following the shootings.

We are truly living in a bizarre and corrupt time.


  1. Our military understands they have been deceived.
    Whistle-blowers and leaks will not be blacklisted.
    Loud chicken-hawks hide behind the troops.
    News blackout while lies are fabricated.

    Wall Street & not-Federal no-Reserve.
    Israel-first dual-national AIPAC.
    Mossad media megaphone.
    Official 9/11 propaganda.
    Anthrax intimidation.
    Stealth cia neocons

  2. It stinks to high heaven, with a major vote coming this weekend on the 1900 page plus abomination health care bill, was this just a distraction for it ? The fact that he was on a DHS task force, so many strange things. The amount of shots fired, and other things. We will just have to keep our eyes open, as well as our minds.


    Everything that has ever happened is a NWO perpetrated conspiracy. Do you really believe that the dinosaurs were killed off by an asteroid striking Earth? That's exactly what THEY want you to believe. Dinosaur extinction was actually one of the first NWO plots. The NWO was finding it hard to enslave mankind with velociraptors killing all of the cavemen, so the NWO had them killed.

    Oh, have you ever wondered why Jack the Ripper was never caught? It's because there never was a Jack the Ripper. It was all an NWO plot to strike fear in the hearts of 19th century English folk.

    And do you really think the Challenger exploded because of a faulty O-ring? Wrong again, sheep. It was the NWO. Yep, the NWO actually hates space. The NWO hopes to enslave mankind on Earth, and how can that be done if people aren't scared to leave earth. Blow up a couple space shuttles and people won't be taking any interstellar trips anytime soon.

    Any time a big news story hits the news, and there is a slight discrepency in details, then it's automatically yet another NWO conspiracy. The real question we should be asking is "What is NOT a NWO plot," since almost everything ever is one.

    And remember: if anyone ever dare questions your NWO beliefs, then that means they are either (1) a sheep; or (2) ONE OF THEM!! God bless "TRUTHERS"

  4. The DHS task force information had just come out as this had been posted. Yet another troubling detail. And no one knows yet if this is a NWO plot or anything at all. But there is far more than just a slight discrepency in details, here.

    The facts and story just do not add up. And why has the MSM not enquired as to why this guy was recently promoted to Major if he was such a vocal jihadist. And Hasan's military records need to be made public now. Why did he go from dead to alive once someone from the media requested a copy of his military record?

    Remember, FDR said nothing that has political ramifications ever happens by accident. If Hasan truly flipped the media would have little or no knowledge of who his was, would not have interviewed willing family members within 4 hours of the shooting, and would not recite things that happened in the military which would otherwise be classified until they got ahold of his record. If you use your common sense you can see the political convenience of all of this.

    And, of course, the FBI would not rule out terrorism within minutes of the shootings. It does not make it a grand conspiracy, but it does make it suspicious and not add up. Trying to imply NWO truthers see conspiracy in the end of the dinosaurs or jack the ripper or the Challenger accident does not change that truth.

    And, btw, there were several whistle blowers who came forward from the contractor who made the O ring seals on the Challenger who told Congress that the company knew they were defective and let the rocket go up anyhow...that is a fact, not some vague NWO conspiracy.

    Nice try.