Thursday, January 14, 2010


As the new years gets underway, the current dog and pony show in Washington is the bank executives who are testifying before Congress concerning the causes of the financial meltdown.   Executives basically admitted that they screwed up, but insisted no one could have predicted the bubble and meltdown that resulted. They also defended the need for huge bonuses. Ambling on about the need to retain quality talent, despite the fact that their "quality talent" obviously is clueless or corrupt.

Despite the political posturing, nothing will result from this testimony.

Meanwhile, the first giant sunspot has appeared on an otherwise recently quiet sun. And this country, and much of the northern hemisphere, has been under a record cold spell. Citrus crops are at risk in Florida, and crops from around the country as well.

There has been a devastating earthquake in Haiti, and up to one hundred thousand are feared dead or trapped under miles of rubble. Meanwhile dazed and weary survivors wait for aid as US Red Cross is already out of supplies.   Is it just me are has Haiti and other poor nations been hit extensively with natural disasters over the past decade or so?

I suppose we can all take solace with the fact that Pat Robertson has stated that years ago Haiti made a deal with the devil to get rid of French colonialism. In other words, Robertson says they had it coming and implied that it was punishment and a warning from God. "They are cursed", Robertson stated during an on-air fundraiser for the victims of the earthquake in Haiti.  Has there been a disaster or terrorist attack in the past decade where Robertson has not come out and stated or implied it was a punishment from God? Even if the good Dr. Robertson had a clue, or was talking to God, now is not the time for such news. As it is, it is shameful conjecture and grandstanding on Robertson's behalf.

And yet, behind all of this tragedy and nonsense comes pictures from NASA that appear to show trees or shrubs on Mars (by way of NASA HiRISE telescope). Here is a link with more links.  NASA claims this is not actually trees but runoff from trapped CO2 or dark conifers that are running off the sand dunes, depending on which link you are following. I am not sure if I buy the explanation or not, after all, late in several of the articles NASA admits this is just their theory. They know nothing for a fact. Nevertheless, they are amazing photographs. I will leave it up the you to form your own opinion. And, speaking of NASA, earth was just missed by a 3 meter mystery object. Apparently NASA cannot film or view what this object is, despite the fact it is hundreds of times closer than the surface of Mars, but knows exactly what is or is not on Mars. So, move along, nothing to see here. Below is a small capture of the NASA image:

Courtesy of NASA

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