Saturday, October 3, 2009

The David Letterman Exposes CBS to Millions Distraction

The entire Letterman fiasco that the media is in a frenzy over is a complete distraction.

And not well thought out, either.  Of course, the media misses this whole point because it only serves to further distract the masses. If anyone actually cared about the merits of this matter, perhaps they would actually try to get to the bottom of why Letterman would so easily turn the entire matter over to a DA, and throw his employer under the bus in the process. After all, the allegations against the accused, if true, prove that execs at CBS were well aware of "Hef" Letterman, and what many would see as a hostile work environment where the boss and star slept with many of his female underlings.

But again, its a distraction to everyone except Letterman and the parties of interest. Meanwhile our republic is in trouble and the President is lobbying for the Daley-Oprah Chicago machine in Europe for the 2016 Olympics (unsuccesfully).

If Letterman was being blackmailed for 2 million, and that is a big if until we know the full story, the reason WHY such a producer would hold that over Letterman's head was not to avoid public embarrasment, it was to avoid the legal fallout that would follow when a witness and party of knowledge went public.

So, Letterman went to the Manhattan  DA, who was probably something back in the day, and exposed this extortion or blackmail plot. Meanwhile, Dave gets to tell the whole country he had sex with several staffers.

Does anyone remember the way Dave the hypocrite rode Clinton about Lewinsky? How he berated Linda Tripp about going public? How he made Palin's kid look like a little slut with the A-Rod comment (and I am no big Palin fan).

Now the ladies on the AM shows, including Cathy Lee Gifford and Anne Curry, are disgusted by the entire fiasco. I read a comment at a website out of eastern Europe insinuating that the Letterman affair proves anyone with money and fame can get an American woman to go to bed with them, regardless if they are married or not.

I can't say I agree with that, but it does make those around him appear vapid and starstruck. And remember, even if a boss gets "consent" from an employee, that is hardly a defense to a charge of a hostile work environment or sexual harassment. The gravaman of the offense is that consent is usually coerced by the position of power or trust possessed by the alleged offender. You have to believe the lawyers in the greater New York City area are licking their chops. The alleged extortion shows CBS knew, and apparently did nothing. There is probably more to it, but this does not look good for CBS.

CBS, for their part, will likely state that it does not officially employ Letterman, it employs his company World Wide Pants, and as a contractor. The New York Times has even hinted as much.  This is simply a legal end-run. At the end of the day, CBS, not WWP, is the respondent superior here.

In any event, the $2 million he was being extorted out of will seem like chump change when those NY and Conneticut lawyers get ahold of Letterman in court. Mark my word, the settlement will cost CBS multiple millions, as Letterman is their responsibility, and the execs at CBS OBVIOUSLY knew about this or else a producer could not have been blackmailing Dave!  However, if none of the women (including Dave's one time assistant Stephanie Birkett) come forward to file a lawsuit, Letterman and CBS will have dodged a bullet. But the entire bizarre alleged plot will not do Letterman's legacy any favors.

If Letterman was being blackmailed, it was wrong. However, the attorney for the accused producer has said that their is much more to this story. Regardless, putting the hit on your female staff is an abuse of trust, if it is true. So, while it is a distraction, it also shows how far this culture has fallen, when a man pushing sixty-something can so flippantly sleep through his staffers, then feign outrage when it exposes him to extortion.  It's not the publicity, it's the potential exposure CBS has incurred. This seems of no matter to the media.

I used to like Letterman, and actually thought of him as a maverick of sorts. That was years ago.  And now we find out this happened before Letterman got married. As if that makes it ok.

Celebrities and business owners make the worst clients for lawyers because their egos always sink their ship legally.  I bet the lawyers at CBS are working overtime now with damage control. And the media loves it all because the assembling police state, fear and health care insurance debates are placed on the backburner while everyone discusses Letterman. Even me. But only to qualify it as yet another case of a celebrity exposing himself and his employer to embarrasment and liability. Fortunately, Letterman headed off any so-called sex tapes by going to the DA. And if he was blackmailed, he did what he thought best. Still, it leaves the Letterman Show and CBS exposed IMHO (to lawsuits). And the MSM eats it up...

Now, back to what really matters.

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