Friday, October 2, 2009


Amid the fiasco that is now American Police Force and it's owner (multiple felon) M. Hilton, and the alleged deal with city officials of Harding, Montana to run a multi-million dollar private prison facility, one obvious and troubling question arises. Why didn't city officials investigate APF's background, and is APF and Hilton (and his numerous alias) merely the tip of a larger iceberg?

Hilton is obviously being thrown to the wolves, especially now with the AP and the Montana Attorney General annoucing a probe of the alleged deal between APF and the city coucil.  What initially started as an article in the local Gazette newspaper and a blogger and writers at, has exploded into high profile exposure on the facility, APF and Hardin. And now an attempted white wash will obviously be attempted and "Captain" Hilton will be thrown to the wolves.  It is clear APF and what it is attempting to do is private paramilitary training and police work, including crowd control, detention and SWAT tactics (and numerous black op functions). Many employed by APF are obviously foreign based contractors and Hilton himself is a native of Serbia or Montenegro.

This will be eventually painted as an isolated incident. Any possible ties to Blackwater, the federal governmant or other private firms will be scrubbed. But is this an isolated incident?  What are the ties, and is their a parent company? Is this prevelant now in other states?  Is this entire incident a trial balloon (to see how the public and media reacts, or to further condition)?

Surely, there are tentacles we cannot see. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is just the tip of the iceberg.
Hopefully, further investigation by myself and others will answer some of these questions.

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